Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 2

Today we talked about feelings.
We all have feelings.
We made a list of feelings.

Feelings are ok.
We all have feelings.
We made a promise to always use our words to talk about our feelings.

We made a chart to show how we feel about school.

Most of the friends in our class are really happy about school.
Two friends are not sure.

We learned about blocks.
We learned how to work with blocks.

We learned to clean up when we were done.

We took a good rest.
We had a good day!


  1. It looks like you are having so much fun in kindergarten! Give Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. a hug from me! Love, Mason

  2. What fun you had at school today, I like what you built with the blocks. Your kindergarten class is a great place to be.

  3. What neat things you're learning together! You're also doing neat things with new friends! What a good day. Remember, friends take care of each other.
    Happy Day Three!
    the O'Ks


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