Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Day 26

Today is #26.
We learned about the day.
Mr. Caterpillar is 26.
We read a book.
We colored in how many friends are here today.
We have 18 friends at school today.
We read a book about families.
We are talking about families this week.

We read Mama Provi and the Pot of rice.
We retold the story.
We used pictures to retell.
We acted it out.
We made a big apartment building.

We made sound soup.
We did the mmmmm, ssssss, and rrrrrr sounds.

We tasted apples.
We wrote about how apples taste.
Apples taste sweet and juicy.
They are delicious.

We went to P.E..
Some friends got stickers.

They were being safe.
They were being good.
Mr. Grogan let them have stickers.
If other friends do good tomorrow, maybe they get stickers too.
We have to do the right thing.

We went to centers.

We learned that we are all shades of brown.
None of us are white.
None of us are black.
We are all different shades of brown.

In Math we made sticker charts for numbers.
We matched stickers for the number.
We put ten stars for ten.
We did it for all the numbers.
Like the apples.
Just with stars.

We had a fire alarm.
We went outside.
We saw a dead rat.
It was gross.

We got a new friend!

His name is Tyrone.
He told us his favorite color is orange.
He likes to draw and color.
His next best color is black.
He has two sisters and a brother.

We had a good day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 25

Today we read Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice.
Mama Provi walks up the stairs.
She gives Lucy food to help her feel better.
Lucy has the chicken pox.

We drew pictures of the story.
Mama Provi walks up the stairs.

We kept talking about families.

We did not go outside.
It is a PE week.
We don't go outside on PE days.

We went to centers.
We worked hard in centers.

Jatameyah learned a letter.
She wrote it.

Iker likes to read.
He saw apples.

Some friends worked in art.
We made pretty contracts.

James and Gage signed the contract.
We made it in art.

We went to lunch.
It was good.

In PE we played with cups.
We stacked them.
On the stage.

We wrote about apples.
We wrote in our journals.
We colored in our journals.
We wrote about what we could see.
Seeing is one of the five senses.
We can see, smell, taste, feel, and hear.
That is five.

There is a meeting at school today.
It is at six.
We are going to tell our family.
We are going to tell our home family.
We want them to come.

All our friends earned CATS!
That is super cool.
We had a good day!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 24

Today was number 24.
Mr. Caterpillar turned 24 days old.
He is growing bigger.
Like us.
We like him.
He gets big every day.

Today we worked in centers.

Jovany worked hard to match pictures with beginning letters.

We had PE.
It was fun.
We learned new games.
We learned about new toys.
Mr. Grogan hit a ball.
We don't go outside.
No Recess on PE days.
We had a good rest.

We got new class jobs.
Not everybody got a job.
We have 20 friends.
We have 11 jobs.
Not everyone gets a job.

No one wore green today.
We count our shirt colors every day.
We learned about the day.
We looked at the calendar.
The date is September 28, 2009.
Or 9-28-09.
We had chicken nuggets or bbq for lunch.

It was a pretty day.
Melanie didn't check the weather.
But it was pretty.

We counted friends at school today.
We made sure all our friends had stuff.
We talked about enough.
We made sure we had enough.
We figured out how to get more if we needed it.
James found more crayons since we didn't have enough.

Shamara is the Materials helper this week.

We learned more about senses.
We wrote about how apples feel.

We read Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice.
We made cards for Lucy.
She was sick.

We learned a new word.
We learned up.
We wrote new sentences.

We had a good day.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 23

Today is Friday.
Today we wrote our book.
We drew pictures of match our words.
Our book is called Where do you go?
We wrote words about where we go.

We worked in centers.

James and Brian and Keyli worked to build a castle.
We wrote words about who is a king.
We wrote words about who is a queen.

Cornella and Jovany built with little blocks.
They built a house.

Na'Zosheona and Iker worked with puzzles.
We worked hard together.
It was an alphabet.
Iker said he didn't work hard.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza.
It was good.
Some friends had fish sticks.

Mrs. Laster's class came to get us.
They are in second grade.
They took us to Mr. Ray's class.
Mr. Ray's class is in fourth grade.
They are working on a project together.
They have baby chicks in Mr. Ray's class.
We got to look at them.
We had to be REALLY quiet.
We could not touch the table.

Just look!!!!

We saw three chicks.
Two yellow.
One black.

This is the black one.

This is a yellow one.

There were eggs that had not hatched.
They might hatch tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Saturday is a home day.

We can't eat the baby chicks.
We can't squeeze them.
It would be bad.
It would hurt them.

We could hear the chicks if we were really quiet.
They were way, way cool.

We might get to see them again on Monday.
They will be fluffy then.
We want to touch them.
We have to ask.

Yesterday we put seeds on apples.
We counted the seeds again today.
We counted our friend's seeds.

We graphed how we get home from school.
We graphed how we get to school.
Today we compared the graphs.

We looked to see how they were alike.
We looked to see how they were different.

Today we also counted the apples again.

We like the chart we made on Tuesday.

We read a book.
It was about a naughty puppy.
We read a book this week about a naughty kitten.
We learned a new word.
It means bad.
We are not naughty!

We went to music.

We made necklaces for math.
We estimated how many beads we would need to fill our necklace.

We worked really hard to get all the beads on our string.

Sometimes we had to start again.
Mrs. V said it happens.
It is ok.

Look how cool we look!

We had a busy day.
We had a good day!
We had a great week!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 22

Today was day 22.
That is two twos.

Today we worked in centers.
Mrs. V asked us questions.
We got to tell her what we know.
It was fun.

We went to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers.
They had yellow cheese on them.

We watched some animals in the zoo.
Mrs. Ferguson told our teacher how cool the animals were.
We saw an Albert.
Albert is a panda.
The panda was real.
We watched him move.
He was cool.
He was black and white.

We colored an apple.
We put seeds on the apple.
We counted the seeds.
We wrote the number of seeds.
Some friends had a lot.
Some friends didn't.

We read a book.

We went to music.
Two friends were stars.

Mrs. V had a meeting.
She left school.
We missed her.

We went outside.
It was hot.
We came inside.
We played a game.
It was a corner game.

Everyone earned CATS.
It is cool.

Five friends were not at school today.
We missed them.

We had a good day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day 21

Today we used our five sense
to learn about POPCORN.

Mr. Kyle brought us a microwave to help pop the popcorn.
We listened with our ears for the pop, pop, pops.
We watched with our eyes the bag get bigger.

We ate popcorn.
We smelled popcorn.
We touched popcorn.
We wrote about popcorn.

We worked hard to write about popcorn.

We learned our math outside.
We learned with hula hoops.

We learned words that help us follow directions.

We worked in centers.

We learned about the day at the calendar.

We read our sentences.
We know four words.

Some friends brought Albert a friend.
Albert is a panda bear.
He is our friend.

Ms. Gilmer came to visit us.
She watched us be CATS!

Everybody earned CATS today.
We were caring, achieving, trustworthy and safe all day.

We took a rest.

Randy G. left to go home. His body was sick.
James left to go home. He wasn't sick.

We wrote stories about cats.
We used letters and words to write.
No pictures.
We had pictures of cats.
We wrote about the cats.

We wrote on our KWL chart.
We wrote what we Learned.

We had a good day!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Day 20

Today was day 20 in Kindergarten.

We went outside.
We went to the playground.
We played soccer with some other dudes and stuff.
We went on the monkey bars.
It started to rain.
We kept playing.
We got a little wet.
Just a little bit.

We read three books.
We read But No Elephants!
We read Ginger.
We read Walter the Farting Dog.
We liked all of them.

Mr. Caterpillar is 20 today.
He is growing.
He is going to get all the way to the corner.

We drew pictures of things that go together.

We went to work in centers.

We went to music.
Ms. Hunter is the music teacher.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and ravioli.
Lots of people got chicken nuggets.
Some friends typed in their lunch number.

We wrote about our senses.
We have five senses.
We can see.
We can smell.
We can taste.
We can feel.
We can hear.

Melanie didn't write about her senses.
Melanie used her sounds to write "I go to the sunny beach."

We did a new dance.
We hit our hand with sticks.

We read our sentences.

We had a good day!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 19

Today was day 19.
Mr. Caterpillar is 19 today.

We made a KWL chart.
We wrote what we Know about cats.
We asked questions about cats. (for what we Want to know).

We have not Learned about cats yet.
We will write that later.

We played outside.
Mrs. F taught us a new game.
She taught us how to play Dodge Ball.
And hot ball potato.
The ball was hot.

We talked about counting apples.

We made a chart.
From zero to ten.

We went to lunch.
Some friends had pizza dippers.
Some friends had corn dogs.
Two friends got to go to the birthday bunch table.
They ate cupcakes.

We made a list of things we can see, we can smell, we can hear, we can taste, and we can feel.
They are our five sense.
We can smell apples.
And count apples.

We went to music.

We went to library.
We got new books.
James knows how to spell book.
We checked them out.

We had a good day!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Day 18

Today we went to lunch.
We had pizza!!
It was good!
Some friends had turkey pie.
It was good!

Mrs. V had a meeting.

We had guidance.
Mr. Potato Head was Buzz Lightyear!
Some friends have that movie.
Mrs. V's favorite is Woody!
She was sad Mr. Potato Head wasn't Woody.

It rained.
We didn't get to go outside.
It made us sad.

We read a new friend's blog.
They are in second grade.

We worked in centers.

We colored a Constitution coloring book.

We made a new book.
It is called I spy something red.
We read it together.

We had a good day!
We had a great week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 17

Today we celebrate Constitution day.
We made hats.
Eagle hats.

We celebrate Constitution day because we make hats.
Constitution day was when some people made rules.
They made rules to help keep them safe.
Those people were caring, achieving, trustworthy, and safe.
Just like us.

We watched a video about the Constitution.
It was about the Preamble.

We liked the song.

We went to literacy centers.
Literacy centers will help us learn to read.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken or spaghetti.
It was good.

We checked the weather.
It was raining.
We didn't go outside.

We did calendar work.
Mr. Caterpillar was 17 today.
Today is 17.
The day is 17.

We had Guidance.
Ms. McClure wasn't sick today.
She brought Mr. Potato Head.
He was a Disney Princess.
He was pretty.

We had a good day!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 16

Today we worked in all the Literacy Centers.
We have ten Literacy Centers.

Mr. Caterpillar is 16 today.
He will be 17 tomorrow.

We did word problems.
We pretended to have apples on our plate.

We get to work with real apples on Friday.

Brian wrote his name for the first time!!!!!

We sorted things by shape.
We used the big tv to sort.

We went to lunch.
It was good.
We had chicken nuggets.

Ms. McClure did not come for Guidance.
We missed her.
She was sick.
A friend came for her.
The friend brought Mr. Potato Head.
He was a super hero today.

Mr. Rodriguez brought us a new tv.
Our old tv was broken.
We were excited.

We did not play outside.
It rained.
Two times.

We worked in centers.
We worked in Learning Centers.
Only three friends can go to each Learning Center.

We learned about three new Math Centers.
We get to work in all the Math centers tomorrow.

We learned a new Days of the Week song.
We sang it all day long.

We had a good day!
Every on earned CATS!
We were excited!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 15

Today was day 15.
Mr. Caterpillar was 15.
The date was 15.
The calendar was 15.
The straws were 15.
We had 15 tally marks.

The year was not 15.
The years is 2009.

We read Mary wore her red dress.

We played.
In centers.
Our teacher calls our center time work.

Mrs. F was not here.
Mrs. V is her for Mrs. F.
It is a new Mrs. V.
We have two Mrs. V's today.

We went to lunch.
We had hot dogs.
And taco salad.
We ate taco salad, it was so good, and Shamara got some chips.
Some friends had milk.
The hot dogs were hot. They could burn our hands.

We are going to go outside.
After Guidance.
Ms. McClure teaches us Guidance.
She has a special friend.
He is Mr. Potato Head.
(Or a girl potato head)

We had a good day!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Day 14

Today was number 14.
Mr. Caterpillar turned 14 days old.
We had 14 straws.
We had 14 tally marks.
We wrote the word fourteen.
The date was September 14, 2009.
The short date was 9-14-09.
That is a lot of 14.

We went to lunch.
Some friends had chicken.
Some friends had BBQ.
It was good.

We read a new book.
Mary Wore Her Red Dress.
It was a song.
It is a book too.

We wrote new sentences.
We played I spy something red.
We wrote what we saw that was red.

We learned a new center.
We learned Read the room.

We played outside.

We had a good day!