Monday, September 21, 2009

Day 19

Today was day 19.
Mr. Caterpillar is 19 today.

We made a KWL chart.
We wrote what we Know about cats.
We asked questions about cats. (for what we Want to know).

We have not Learned about cats yet.
We will write that later.

We played outside.
Mrs. F taught us a new game.
She taught us how to play Dodge Ball.
And hot ball potato.
The ball was hot.

We talked about counting apples.

We made a chart.
From zero to ten.

We went to lunch.
Some friends had pizza dippers.
Some friends had corn dogs.
Two friends got to go to the birthday bunch table.
They ate cupcakes.

We made a list of things we can see, we can smell, we can hear, we can taste, and we can feel.
They are our five sense.
We can smell apples.
And count apples.

We went to music.

We went to library.
We got new books.
James knows how to spell book.
We checked them out.

We had a good day!


  1. I find your KWL chart of interest and can't wait to return to learn right along with you. Did your teacher choose the subject?

    I love apples, I like to count them AND eat them.

  2. K-W-L chart:
    K-I know I learn from you each day!
    W-I want to learn how nice and smart you are!
    L-I've learned if I check with you each day, I'll learn more!

    Glad you got to go outside today! YAY!

  3. Wow! You learned a lot today! I really like the apples and the KWL chart.

  4. So interesting! What a bunch of busy learners!

  5. Dear freinds,

    I am so glad to be back reading your blog again. I was sick last week. I am feeling much better now!

    Did you know that Mrs. V. has a cat? I'm sure she has learned a lot from her cat. I can't wait to hear what you learn about cats!

    Have a wonderful day 20. Hopefully the sun will come out so that you can play outside today.



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