Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 23

Today is Friday.
Today we wrote our book.
We drew pictures of match our words.
Our book is called Where do you go?
We wrote words about where we go.

We worked in centers.

James and Brian and Keyli worked to build a castle.
We wrote words about who is a king.
We wrote words about who is a queen.

Cornella and Jovany built with little blocks.
They built a house.

Na'Zosheona and Iker worked with puzzles.
We worked hard together.
It was an alphabet.
Iker said he didn't work hard.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza.
It was good.
Some friends had fish sticks.

Mrs. Laster's class came to get us.
They are in second grade.
They took us to Mr. Ray's class.
Mr. Ray's class is in fourth grade.
They are working on a project together.
They have baby chicks in Mr. Ray's class.
We got to look at them.
We had to be REALLY quiet.
We could not touch the table.

Just look!!!!

We saw three chicks.
Two yellow.
One black.

This is the black one.

This is a yellow one.

There were eggs that had not hatched.
They might hatch tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Saturday is a home day.

We can't eat the baby chicks.
We can't squeeze them.
It would be bad.
It would hurt them.

We could hear the chicks if we were really quiet.
They were way, way cool.

We might get to see them again on Monday.
They will be fluffy then.
We want to touch them.
We have to ask.

Yesterday we put seeds on apples.
We counted the seeds again today.
We counted our friend's seeds.

We graphed how we get home from school.
We graphed how we get to school.
Today we compared the graphs.

We looked to see how they were alike.
We looked to see how they were different.

Today we also counted the apples again.

We like the chart we made on Tuesday.

We read a book.
It was about a naughty puppy.
We read a book this week about a naughty kitten.
We learned a new word.
It means bad.
We are not naughty!

We went to music.

We made necklaces for math.
We estimated how many beads we would need to fill our necklace.

We worked really hard to get all the beads on our string.

Sometimes we had to start again.
Mrs. V said it happens.
It is ok.

Look how cool we look!

We had a busy day.
We had a good day!
We had a great week!!


  1. Wow! What a busy day to end your good week. You have had a wonderfully full Friday. I am so impressed with all of you, every day I read about you.

    I'll try to be patient to hear about your project with hatching the baby chicks, but it will be hard. Thank you for the respectful way you are working with them.

    Your charts, your apples, your centers and your smart necklaces, everything you're doing are all exciting to read!

    Thanks for sharing your days with us!

  2. Oops! I almost forgot: I like the class picture of all of you today. When I see the very first picture Mrs. V. took of you each time I visit your site, I can "see" that you are all growing and learning!
    Have a marvelous Monday!

  3. Wow you are very busy kindergarten children. We will learn about apples this week at in my class.I like your graph of the different colors of apples. Did you taste apples?
    You made very cool necklaces with your beads.
    You are helping to be good caretakers of the chicks.
    Sometimes we raise chicks at our school but we usually do so in the spring.

    Fall is coming to Alberta. The weather is getting cooler and the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn yellow. We are singing songs about autumn and squirrels. We are learning some songs about colors too.

    Have a good week and Keep working hard for Mrs. V,
    She gives you lots of fun things to do. I can see you are learning lots in your kindergarten classroom.
    Warmest regards,

  4. I love your necklaces, you all did a good job. The baby chicks are so little, I have never seen just-hatched chicks before. I hope some more hatched out over the weekend, the baby chicks will be happy with more and more fluffy friends.

    Naughty is a word that my dog knows, he tries hard not to be naughty; most of the time he isn't, only when he barks too loudly!


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