Monday, September 28, 2009

Day 24

Today was number 24.
Mr. Caterpillar turned 24 days old.
He is growing bigger.
Like us.
We like him.
He gets big every day.

Today we worked in centers.

Jovany worked hard to match pictures with beginning letters.

We had PE.
It was fun.
We learned new games.
We learned about new toys.
Mr. Grogan hit a ball.
We don't go outside.
No Recess on PE days.
We had a good rest.

We got new class jobs.
Not everybody got a job.
We have 20 friends.
We have 11 jobs.
Not everyone gets a job.

No one wore green today.
We count our shirt colors every day.
We learned about the day.
We looked at the calendar.
The date is September 28, 2009.
Or 9-28-09.
We had chicken nuggets or bbq for lunch.

It was a pretty day.
Melanie didn't check the weather.
But it was pretty.

We counted friends at school today.
We made sure all our friends had stuff.
We talked about enough.
We made sure we had enough.
We figured out how to get more if we needed it.
James found more crayons since we didn't have enough.

Shamara is the Materials helper this week.

We learned more about senses.
We wrote about how apples feel.

We read Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice.
We made cards for Lucy.
She was sick.

We learned a new word.
We learned up.
We wrote new sentences.

We had a good day.


  1. I hope Lucy feels better soon. If no one wore green what color was the most popular in your classroom today? UP is a great word, I like to look UP. Yes, it was a pretty day, but it's raining at my house right now.

  2. You had a very busy day! I enjoy reading about what you do. I hope you do well with your new class jobs.


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