Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 22

Today was day 22.
That is two twos.

Today we worked in centers.
Mrs. V asked us questions.
We got to tell her what we know.
It was fun.

We went to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers.
They had yellow cheese on them.

We watched some animals in the zoo.
Mrs. Ferguson told our teacher how cool the animals were.
We saw an Albert.
Albert is a panda.
The panda was real.
We watched him move.
He was cool.
He was black and white.

We colored an apple.
We put seeds on the apple.
We counted the seeds.
We wrote the number of seeds.
Some friends had a lot.
Some friends didn't.

We read a book.

We went to music.
Two friends were stars.

Mrs. V had a meeting.
She left school.
We missed her.

We went outside.
It was hot.
We came inside.
We played a game.
It was a corner game.

Everyone earned CATS.
It is cool.

Five friends were not at school today.
We missed them.

We had a good day.


  1. Sounds like a busy day! I can tell you all are working hard!!!

  2. Dear friends,

    I hope that all of your friends are back today. I'm sure that Mrs. V. missed you as much as you missed her. Have a fabulous Friday. Give Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. a hug from me.


  3. It was hot outside, but it's going to cool off soon and you'll miss the warm days. I think that coloring an apple and counting the seeds would be fun to do! I have some green apples at my house.


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