Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 6

Today we played at the park.
It was fun.

Today we worked in centers.
We learned about three new centers.

We learned about Science.
Science center has farm animals right now.

We learned about Sensory.
The sensory center has lots of shells.
Even a star shell.
It was a starfish.
It was real, and then it died, and then it got picked up from the ocean.
After the ocean it came to our classroom.

We learned about Alphabet center.
There is a puppet show.
We can build puzzles.
There are letters. There are magnetic letters.

We went to lunch.

We read our sentences.

We went to the media center.
The teacher, Mrs. B, read to us.
We got star stickers.
We got stickers because we were good listeners.

We had a great day!


  1. Dear friends,

    Wow, it sounds like you had a great day! I would have had so much fun in your classroom today. I love going to the park. My favorite thing to do at the park is swing! It also sounds like Science center is lots of fun. I love farm animals. Mommy and I play with farm animals and she makes the noises that the animals make. I always laugh when she "baas" like a sheep.


  2. What a neat day! Tuesday was a good day to be outside and enjoying it at the park. I would have liked seeing and touching the nice things from nature in your sensory center. Did Mrs. V. find that Starfish? I treasure two Starfish I found on coast of our state, North Carolina. (I do love the coast of our state!) Keep up the great listening and learning, Media stars!
    Enjoy today!

  3. ih KINDERGTEN DAY this is kayla from MRS.CORTZE CLASS I like your blog. IT is pertty and I like the pictuer of the baby she or he is also pertty.


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