Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 12

This morning we had breakfast.
Some friends were late, because two buses were late.

We had circle time.
We added a circle to Mr. Caterpillar.
He is 12 days old today.
He will be 13 tomorrow.
He grows every day, just like us.
He learns every day, just like us.
We like him.

We went to art.
We painted.
We made a pumpkin.
We made the stem and the inside.
Tomorrow we will paint a curly thing.

We learned a new center.
We learned Read to a Friend or Animal.

We read books to puppets today.

We ate hot dogs for lunch.
Fruit and tater tots and milk too.

We practiced a play today about our book From Head to Toe.
Tomorrow we are going to tape our play.
We will try to post it on our blog.

We played outside.
It started to rain.
We had to come back inside.

We had a good day!


  1. Dear friends,

    Have a Happy Friday! Please be on your best behavior today. Give Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. a hug from me.


  2. It sounds like another very fun day in kindergarten. I love that Mr. Caterpillar is growing each day just like each of you.


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