Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day 7

Today we went outside to play.

We watched a movie about Nursery Rhymes.

We made a pictomap about the story Cat's Colors.
The pictomap helped us to tell the story about Cat.
Cat went to the grass.
Cat went to the pink flowers.
Cat went to the bat
Cat went to the red fire rug.
Cat went to the blue sky.
Cat went to the yellow sand.
Cat went to the purple yarn.
Cat went to the brown dirt to dig holes.
Cat went to the white clouds to catch birds.
Cat went to the orange mommy cat.
We had a great day!


  1. Dear friends,

    It sounds like another great day in Mrs. V and Mrs. F's class! I'm sure you enjoyed playing outside today. The weather is beautiful!


  2. Hello New Friends, Mrs. V. and F.!

    You taught me something new: the neat pictomap! I like that, because you can draw your own pictures to tell the story!

    Have another terrific day learning and growing!
    Take care of each other....


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