Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 180

Today was 180.
That is the last one.
The last day in Kindergarten.
We never knew school would go so fast.
We will go to first grade.
And we will have a summer break.
And we will go to our friends houses and stuff.
And if you are bad in first grade, you will go to see Ms. Johnson or Mrs. White.
Ms. Johnson has a jail.
Or you can go to Mr. Jordan.
Which one gets more furious?
Ms. Johnson or Mr. Jordan.
They both have a J.
Mrs. White has a W like Why.
If you tell a story, Mr. Jordan might have a lie detector.
We went to the calendar.
Mr. Caterpillar turned 180 and then into a butterfly!
First he cracked out of his cocoon.
Second he came off the wall.
Third he was a butterfly!

He is beautiful.
He is pretty.
Mr. Butterfly was our surprise.
He became a butterfly.
We became first graders.
Mr. Butterfly has hearts and triangles and circles and patterns and people and houses and flowers and cars and more people and grass and sun shines and the sky and pink and purple and red and blue and green and orange and dots on his tummy.
He is amazing!
He ate a lot.
We just don't know what he ate.
He got bigger every day!
We got bigger every day!
Just like us.
Our stickers and our links got smaller every day!
We don't have any more links.
There are zero left.
That means it is not as long as a school bus any more.
That is nothing.

We went to Mrs. Crews' room.
It is cold in there.
Not in our room.
Mrs. V. worked on the class.
She got hot.
We went to lunch.
We all had fish sticks.
Then we got a surprise.
We got a pizza party outside.

Jatameyah's mom came.
She gave us cookies and candy.
And we got drinks.
It was awesome!

Our room looks empty.
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. worked.
We sat in Mrs. Crews' room.
We watched a movie.
We watched a movie about going up.

Some friends helped Mrs. V. get the chairs stacked.
It was James, Brian, Tyrone and Melanie.
Some friends took a rest.
They were tired.

James and Brian wrote the blog today.
They were the only ones awake.

We had the best last day of Kindergarten ever!
Really it was great!
We had the best year of Kindergarten ever!
We hope we do good in first grade too!
Mrs. F. said she will see if we do great.
Mrs. V. will see us too.
Mrs. V. is going to Pre-K.
She will be in the other building.

We learned about patterns, numbers, Mr. Caterpillar, math test, and how to write and how to learn and how to be friends.
We learned letters and reading and having fun.
We learned about how to play games and relay races.
It was the best.
Kindergarten was fantastic.
We got to have picnics.
We got to learn.
We learned that sharing is caring and caring is friends.
We learned about how to be caring.
We learned about how to be safe and trustworthy and achieving.
We learned to measure and do our very best.
We learned about all the holidays and special people.
We love math.
We learned to swat bugs.
We learned that you can use your words.
We learned how to say "Good game."
Can a baby swat a bug?
We wonder.
We learned that being friends is better than anything else.
We learned to learn when it is hot.
We had lots of snow.
Mrs. F. is excited about first graders!
We had a good day!

We are First Graders!
We love you!
We will not be on a Kindergarten blog any more.
This is the last day!
We love you!
Thanks for being our friend!
We will miss you!
You should still be our blog friend in first grade.
We are going to stop having a long blog.
If you can't read that high, just read the half.
Mrs. V. loves us.
Kindergarten is over.
It was the best!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 179

Today is number 179.
Only one more day in Kindergarten.
Today we had an awards program.
We each got an award.
Everyone of us.
They were special.
Mrs. V. didn't come to school.
She went to the doctor.
Mrs. F. was here.
We like when they are both here.
Tomorrow they will both be here.
And then no more days after school.
We spent time with Mrs. Crews' class again.
They are our friends.
We had lunch not in a bag.
But we didn't know what it would be.
It was a surprise.
The cafeteria didn't tell us.
We waited til we got there.
We had a good day!
We love you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 178

Today was number 178.
Today was Iker's birthday!
It was hot in our room.
We changed our shirts when we got to school.
We all have a green one.

With our name.
With a caterpillar.
Caterpillars turn into butterflies.
Kindergarteners turn into first graders.
That is like a butterfly.
We had morning group.
Four big girls came.
They covered their ears.
We didn't want them to know what Mr. Caterpillar will be.
In two days.
We have two more days in Kindergarten.
Then we had field day.
Today was field day.
And Iker's birthday.
On the same day.
We had so much fun.

We loved field day!
We got to play lots of fun games.
Mrs. White painted our faces.

And we got snacks.
It was the best day.

Then we had a picnic.

Some of our families were at school.
Keyli, Jatameyah, James, Cornella, Briana.
Their families came.
Then we had to go inside.
Mrs. F. and Mrs. V. said to go inside.
A man was looking for a bad guy.
We went inside.
We had to be safe.
We like to be safe.

Our room was hot.
We went to Mrs. Crews' room.
Her room is cool.
We wish our room was cool.
Maybe tomorrow.
Then one day after that.
And then summer.
And then first grade!
That is awesome!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 177

Today was another weird day.
Today was number 177.
It was hot.
We waited in the hall.
We couldn't go in our room.
It was too hot.
We waited for all our friends to get here.
Then we put our bookbags on our charis.
Then we wanted to know about the day.
We went to the floor.
Mrs. V. did a quick morning group.
Then we went to Mrs. Crews' room.
We worked with math things.
Mrs. V. calls them manipulatives.
It was not hot in Mrs. Crews' room.
Then it was lunch.
We had bag lunches.
With some of our families.
We had a picnic.
Jatameyah, Randy G., James, and Sara's families came.
That is it.
Luis kicked his shoe on the building.
Mr. Taylor got it down.
Mrs. F. and Mrs. Taylor helped hold the ladder.
It was hard.
We used chalk.
Briana and Tytiana fell down.
Tytiana hurt her hand.
She got ice.
Two times.
We rested our bodies after being outside.
We were hot.
Then we went to Mrs. Crews' room again.
We had fun today.
It was hot.
But fun.
Tomorrow is field day.
We will get new shirts.
We have 3 more days in Kindergarten!
Mrs. V. keeps packing our stuff.
She says it has to go away.
We don't need it any more.
It is for Kindergarteners.
We are First Graders now!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 176

Today was 176.
Today was a weird day.
When we got to school it was hot.
Mrs. V. had the lights off.
She said leave them off.
We did morning work with the light off.
Mrs. V. did all of morning group.
Not us.
We went to Mrs. Crews room.
It isn't hot there.
We were there the whole day.

We had lunch.
Mrs. V. had to do work all day.
Mrs. Crews too.
We did the right thing.
We were good!

Mrs. V. had to turn in our computers.
We don't have it any more.
Not for the big T.V..
Mrs. V. wrote our blog on her phone.
We couldn't see it.

Tomorrow is a home day.
Then we have 4 more school days.
We had a good day!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day 175

Today is 175.
We have 5 more days in Kindergarten.
Tomorrow it will be 4.
We can count it on one hand.
Today we went to the calendar.
Our room was HOT!
All day!
We went to the big carpet.
We learned about the dentist.
You have to be still and quiet.
You can't move at the dentist.
Cornella got locked down at the dentist.
And Tytiana.
They were moving.
James was late.
He got stuck in his car.
It shut down.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken fajita or cheese quesadillas.
It was good!

We made frogs.
For Five Green and Speckled Frogs.
It was too hot to act it out.

We went to Mrs. Crews' room.
It was cold.
We watched a movie because her friends were testing.

We came back to our class.
Cornella started sweating like a wet puppy.
We worked in quiet centers.
We had to work on the floor.
We worked and listened to music.
We got to dance.
It was hot!

We packed our book bags.
We did our blogs.
We had a good day!
We didn't go outside.
It was too hot outside.
It was hot inside.
We are like baked fish.
Watch our blog, we will be baked fish.
James is funny.
We had a fishy day.
It smells like fish in our room.
It smells bad!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 174

Today is 174.
We have 6 more days in Kindergarten.
There are 180 days of Kindergarten.

We wrote what ever we wanted.
Briana wrote about a concert.
Randy G. wrote about his sister playing soccer.
Jovany wrote about playing with his transformers.
Randy A. wrote "I play hide and go seek with my friend."

We went to the calendar.
Daylin, Tytiana, Briana, Jatameyah and Sara helped.
We pulled sticks.

Some friends were caught being caring.
They brought money for kids who don't have food.
We are collecting for them.
We have more than they do.
They will have food over the summer.

We learned about what is at the dentist.
And how to brush our teeth.
And we made a poem.
We sang a song.
Brush your teeth, three times a day.
We read our own book today.
Tomorrow we will read it again.

We worked in centers.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers or hamburgers.
No cheese.
It was good.

We did more teeth work.
We read the poem after we colored it.

We worked in centers.
We started working on a surprise.

Can you guess what it is?

We went outside.
Some friends hurt their bodies on the monkey bars.
Their hands got hurt.
James, Melanie, Briana, Jatameyah, Tyrone, Randy A., Shamara.
All those friends.
Cornella finally knows how to swing on her own.

We came inside.
We had ice pops.
Then we got water.
It tasted salty because our bodies were sweating.
That made it salty.
James burped really loud.
It was gross.

We had a good day!
We will have a great day tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 173

Today is number 173.
We unpacked our book bags.
We wrote about what we did on our home days.
We read it to our friends.
We had three home days.

We went to the calendar.
Some one did the days at school.
It was Shamara.
Some one did the friends at school.
It was Luis.
He was the first to be the teacher.
Some one did the days left at school.
It was Tyrone.
Some one did the calendar sentences.
It was Keyli and Melanie.
We are using sticks.
We have 7 more days in Kindergarten.
There are 7 days in a week.

Randy G. brought cards to school.

We read about toothpaste.
And teeth.
We wrote about what we know about teeth.
We sang a song about teeth.
Brushing your teeth.
We watched a movie about cleaning our teeth.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad or macaroni and cheese.
It was good.
We came back.
We had bathroom time and center time.
We read about teeth again.

We went outside.
Briana played soccer with boys.
We went into Mrs. Bradley's room.
We worked with centers.
In there.
We came back to class.
We packed our book bags.
We like when you look at our blog.
But no one else.
We like you.
We had a good day!