Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 180

Today was 180.
That is the last one.
The last day in Kindergarten.
We never knew school would go so fast.
We will go to first grade.
And we will have a summer break.
And we will go to our friends houses and stuff.
And if you are bad in first grade, you will go to see Ms. Johnson or Mrs. White.
Ms. Johnson has a jail.
Or you can go to Mr. Jordan.
Which one gets more furious?
Ms. Johnson or Mr. Jordan.
They both have a J.
Mrs. White has a W like Why.
If you tell a story, Mr. Jordan might have a lie detector.
We went to the calendar.
Mr. Caterpillar turned 180 and then into a butterfly!
First he cracked out of his cocoon.
Second he came off the wall.
Third he was a butterfly!

He is beautiful.
He is pretty.
Mr. Butterfly was our surprise.
He became a butterfly.
We became first graders.
Mr. Butterfly has hearts and triangles and circles and patterns and people and houses and flowers and cars and more people and grass and sun shines and the sky and pink and purple and red and blue and green and orange and dots on his tummy.
He is amazing!
He ate a lot.
We just don't know what he ate.
He got bigger every day!
We got bigger every day!
Just like us.
Our stickers and our links got smaller every day!
We don't have any more links.
There are zero left.
That means it is not as long as a school bus any more.
That is nothing.

We went to Mrs. Crews' room.
It is cold in there.
Not in our room.
Mrs. V. worked on the class.
She got hot.
We went to lunch.
We all had fish sticks.
Then we got a surprise.
We got a pizza party outside.

Jatameyah's mom came.
She gave us cookies and candy.
And we got drinks.
It was awesome!

Our room looks empty.
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. worked.
We sat in Mrs. Crews' room.
We watched a movie.
We watched a movie about going up.

Some friends helped Mrs. V. get the chairs stacked.
It was James, Brian, Tyrone and Melanie.
Some friends took a rest.
They were tired.

James and Brian wrote the blog today.
They were the only ones awake.

We had the best last day of Kindergarten ever!
Really it was great!
We had the best year of Kindergarten ever!
We hope we do good in first grade too!
Mrs. F. said she will see if we do great.
Mrs. V. will see us too.
Mrs. V. is going to Pre-K.
She will be in the other building.

We learned about patterns, numbers, Mr. Caterpillar, math test, and how to write and how to learn and how to be friends.
We learned letters and reading and having fun.
We learned about how to play games and relay races.
It was the best.
Kindergarten was fantastic.
We got to have picnics.
We got to learn.
We learned that sharing is caring and caring is friends.
We learned about how to be caring.
We learned about how to be safe and trustworthy and achieving.
We learned to measure and do our very best.
We learned about all the holidays and special people.
We love math.
We learned to swat bugs.
We learned that you can use your words.
We learned how to say "Good game."
Can a baby swat a bug?
We wonder.
We learned that being friends is better than anything else.
We learned to learn when it is hot.
We had lots of snow.
Mrs. F. is excited about first graders!
We had a good day!

We are First Graders!
We love you!
We will not be on a Kindergarten blog any more.
This is the last day!
We love you!
Thanks for being our friend!
We will miss you!
You should still be our blog friend in first grade.
We are going to stop having a long blog.
If you can't read that high, just read the half.
Mrs. V. loves us.
Kindergarten is over.
It was the best!


  1. It WAS the best and so were you! You worked hard and you did great. Congratulations 1st graders!!

    The butterfly is amazing, just like every one of you.

  2. What a wonderful last day of K! Happy to see Mr Caterpillar's surprise!

    Take care of yourselves. Please remember all the good and wonderful things you have learned and done, and the friends you have made!!

    Enjoy all of your home days!


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