Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 177

Today was another weird day.
Today was number 177.
It was hot.
We waited in the hall.
We couldn't go in our room.
It was too hot.
We waited for all our friends to get here.
Then we put our bookbags on our charis.
Then we wanted to know about the day.
We went to the floor.
Mrs. V. did a quick morning group.
Then we went to Mrs. Crews' room.
We worked with math things.
Mrs. V. calls them manipulatives.
It was not hot in Mrs. Crews' room.
Then it was lunch.
We had bag lunches.
With some of our families.
We had a picnic.
Jatameyah, Randy G., James, and Sara's families came.
That is it.
Luis kicked his shoe on the building.
Mr. Taylor got it down.
Mrs. F. and Mrs. Taylor helped hold the ladder.
It was hard.
We used chalk.
Briana and Tytiana fell down.
Tytiana hurt her hand.
She got ice.
Two times.
We rested our bodies after being outside.
We were hot.
Then we went to Mrs. Crews' room again.
We had fun today.
It was hot.
But fun.
Tomorrow is field day.
We will get new shirts.
We have 3 more days in Kindergarten!
Mrs. V. keeps packing our stuff.
She says it has to go away.
We don't need it any more.
It is for Kindergarteners.
We are First Graders now!

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  1. Hello Friends!
    I'm finally back online to check in on all of you! I've missed you and will for a very long time, now that you're "graduating", moving up to first grade THIS week! Thank you for writing each day.

    I AM VERY, VERY UPSET THAT THE A.C. IN YOUR ROOM HAS NOT BEEN FIXED! You and your teachers have been good sports about it all. Thank you for being such a good, awesome example.

    How was your field day? I had hoped to be with you and am sorry to have missed another chance to see all of you in action!

    I can hardly wait to see Mr Caterpillar. Can you?

    Take care! Have a safe, happy summer with ALL of your home days!

    We love you.


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