Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 176

Today was 176.
Today was a weird day.
When we got to school it was hot.
Mrs. V. had the lights off.
She said leave them off.
We did morning work with the light off.
Mrs. V. did all of morning group.
Not us.
We went to Mrs. Crews room.
It isn't hot there.
We were there the whole day.

We had lunch.
Mrs. V. had to do work all day.
Mrs. Crews too.
We did the right thing.
We were good!

Mrs. V. had to turn in our computers.
We don't have it any more.
Not for the big T.V..
Mrs. V. wrote our blog on her phone.
We couldn't see it.

Tomorrow is a home day.
Then we have 4 more school days.
We had a good day!

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