Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 178

Today was number 178.
Today was Iker's birthday!
It was hot in our room.
We changed our shirts when we got to school.
We all have a green one.

With our name.
With a caterpillar.
Caterpillars turn into butterflies.
Kindergarteners turn into first graders.
That is like a butterfly.
We had morning group.
Four big girls came.
They covered their ears.
We didn't want them to know what Mr. Caterpillar will be.
In two days.
We have two more days in Kindergarten.
Then we had field day.
Today was field day.
And Iker's birthday.
On the same day.
We had so much fun.

We loved field day!
We got to play lots of fun games.
Mrs. White painted our faces.

And we got snacks.
It was the best day.

Then we had a picnic.

Some of our families were at school.
Keyli, Jatameyah, James, Cornella, Briana.
Their families came.
Then we had to go inside.
Mrs. F. and Mrs. V. said to go inside.
A man was looking for a bad guy.
We went inside.
We had to be safe.
We like to be safe.

Our room was hot.
We went to Mrs. Crews' room.
Her room is cool.
We wish our room was cool.
Maybe tomorrow.
Then one day after that.
And then summer.
And then first grade!
That is awesome!

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