Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 111

Today is number one hundred eleven.
That is one one one.
Tomorrow is a home day.
First thing some friend finished their work on George Washington.
Some friends read books.
Then we did swishy.
We made our book for the week.
We said "I see two big ____."
We cut our words apart.
We glued them together.
We drew a pictures.

We did our play.
It is called The Five Little Ducks.

We had reading group.

Today was cut and glue day.
We went to lunch.
We had pizza and fish sticks and apple crispy and broccoli with cheese and salad and bread sticks.
It was good.

We made our very own George Washington.
We colored him.
We cut him.
We glued him.
Mrs. V. asked us questions about him.

He was the first president.
Not a present.
He was a father.
The father of the United States.
He made America strong.
He is on the dollar.
He is on the February words.
Keyli found him on Dramatic Play money.

In math, we learned about number lines.
We made a number line that was so big to thirty.
From 0 to 30.
We cut the numbers.
We glued the numbers.

We went to Math centers.

We went to Art.
We earned CATS again!
We watched a movie about colors.
It was about primary colors.
James' brain was working.
Ms. E. said that.

We didn't go outside.
It was too cold.
We went to centers.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 110

Today is number one hundred ten.
We have 70 more days in Kindergarten.
Then we will be in first grade.
We got to school late.
We had a two hour delay.
We went right to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese.
It was good.

We came back to class.
We wen to the floor.
We learned at the calendar.
Some friends went to get their picture taken.
Some friends didn't go.

We learned about George Washington.
He was the first president.
He was the president of America.
Or the United States.
Or the United States of America.
He worked to make America strong.
We watched a movie about him.
We wrote about him.
He is on the dollar.
It is a one.
Melanie brought one dollar today for lunch.

We practiced our duck play.
We had three groups of practice.

The rest of us sat in the duck pond.

We didn't go to reading group.
It was not during school time.

We went to Art.
In Art, we talked about people's papers.
We got all our CATS!
Mrs. V. was SOOOOO happy!
Everyone got a high five in the hallway.

We went outside to make more bird feeders.
We took the old ones down.
Mrs. F. put the new ones in the tree after we were done.

We made a big mess!
Mrs. F. had to bring first grade friends in our class.
They sat really nice.
They were quiet.
They were really smart!
We were going to put corn on the ground, but we will do that another day.
We washed our hands.
Another day we will do the corn again.

We didn't have center time today.

We had a good day!
Some friends got high fives on the chart.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 109

Today is number one hundred nine.
We have 71 more days of kindergarten.
First, we did calendar work.
We talked about our day.
We did patterns before we did the calendar.
That was first.
We added a yellow heart.
Tomorrow will be a green heart.

We read the book Five Little Ducks.
We practiced our play for the Five Little Ducks.
Some were the mom.
Some were the dad.
Some were the little ducks.
We taped the song Five Little Ducks on a tape.
Three times.
It only worked once.
The tape will be for our play.
We will practice again tomorrow.
Mrs. V. said we will video tape it on Friday.

We had reading group.
We have a new sound in Mrs. V.'s group.
It is l like Luis.
In Mrs. Washington's group has a new sound.
It is c and k.
They make the same sound.

We went to lunch.
We had biscuit or french toast.
Mixed vegetables, tater tots, juice, strawberries, banana.
They were the choices.
It was breakfast for lunch.

We didn't go outside.
It was snowing.

We checked the thermometers.
Inside it was 65.
We put our hands on the red part.
That is mercury.
We made it go up to 80 and 90.
All the way to hot.
We put a thermometer outside.
It went down to 35.
Then 40.

We went to the computer lab.

In math we learned about numbers.
We talked about more.
And less.
And equal.
Equal is the same.
Less isn't the same.
It is less.

We went to art.
Everyone got to paint!
That means we did good!
We lost safe in art.
Some friends were on the edge of the stairs.
We were washing our hands.
That isn't safe.
And a friend ran.
That isn't safe.

We went to the gym.
We had an assembly
It was singing and ballerina and some boys.
We like when they sang "I can fly!"
Melanie some some of her cousins.
And we saw Iker's brother.
And Ja'Mario's sister.

We packed our book bags.
We did not have center time today.
Some friends had to finish work for the day.
Now our blog is done.
We have a lot of we on our blog.

Not everyone earned CATS.
But, we had a good day!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 108

Today is number one hundred eight.
Today we did patterns.
We colored the patterns.
We worked at the calendar.
Three friends got to go to the treasure basket because they did their homework.
We learned about fables.
Fables teach you stuff.
The grasshopper and the ant taught us to work before you play.
The tortoise and the hare taught us to always do your best.
The boy who cried wolf taught us to always tell the truth.
The horse and the donkey taught us to help others and cooperate.
We read Five Little Ducks.
We made our own ducks.
We are going to act out the story.

Some friends went to reading group.
Mrs. Washington couldn't come.
Mrs. V.'s group went to group.
Mrs. Washington's group finished morning work and homework and did writing.

We read our sentences.
We read a book about a cow that likes to type.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and steak sandwiches.
It was good.

We learned about the thermometer.
We got a bear ready to go outside.
Today it was 65 outside.
We dressed the bear to go outside like us on the website.

First he was naked. (James wants to just say "no clothes on.")
Second we put clothes on him.

We wrote about the weather outside.

In math we learned about numbers.
What was missing.
We wrote the number that was missing.
We did it on the big T.V. and on paper.

We worked in Math Centers.
Melanie and James changed the stuff in Sensory Table.
Now there are balls in the Sensory Table.

We went to Art.
Not everyone was not respectful.
That made Mrs. V. sad in her heart.
Five friends got stickers.
They were respectful.

We went outside to the park.

We visited Ms. Johnson's room.
It is the planning room.
It is not jail!
Ms. Johnson will make you cry.
She doesn't play.
Isaiah said that.

Mrs. F. put money in the Haiti jar.
She put lots in there.
She got a sticker.

Some friends brought money for the book fair.
Some friends brought money for the field trip.
Some friends didn't.
We need to bring money for the field trip tomorrow.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS in our class.
Just not in Art.
That means everyone will not paint.
Mrs. F. and Mrs. V. said specials are a privilege.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 107

Today is number one hundred seven.
Today is Monday.
We worked on patterns.
Any pattern we want.

Today we put our Wilma Rudolph project outside.
It is in the hall.
We made a quilt.
We drew pictures of Wilma's Life.
We learned about Wilma.
First, we read books.

Second, we watched this movie.

Third, we drew pictures of her life.

Fourth, we put them in a book.

Fifth, we drew our most favorite thing about Wilma on fabric.

Sixth, Mrs. Debbie came to help us sew our fabric.
She used a sewing machine.

Mrs. Debbie took our fabric home.
She put it together.
Then it was all done.

It is a quilt!
We liked learning about Wilma.
She was fast.
She did her best!

We went to the calendar.
We got new jobs today.
Randy G. got some new shoes.
James got a new coat.
Cornella got a new jacket.
Ja'Mario got a new jacket.
Jatameyah got a tattoo.

We read a story.
It was about a turtle and a bunny.
The turtle did his best.
We like to do our best.
Wilma did her best!
The bunny was fast.
But he went to sleep.
That isn't doing your best.
Achieving is doing your best.
We like to do our best.
The turtle won.
He was slow.
That's ok.
We drew a picture of us doing our best!

We read a story about ducks.
We know a song with that too!

We had reading group.
Mrs. Washington's group got new reading books.
Super cool!
We don't write in them, just point.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers, spaghetti and bbq.
It was a little bit of everything.
It was good.
Tyrone got everything that started with P.
Pizza dippers, pears, potatoes.
And Randy G. and Iker.

We finished our patterns when friends used the bathroom.

We learned aobut thermemoters.
It was 50 degrees outside today.
It was 70 in our class.
We wrote about it.

In math, we talked about numbers.
What is bigger?
What is smaller?
We counted things and wrote numbers.
We went to math centers.

A boy came to get a Wilma Rudolph book.
He is learning about Wilma too.
He looked at our quilt.
He read it.
He read our book too.

We went to art.

Mrs. Sherrie came.
She read us a book.
Then Dr. Suzie read us a book too.
Her name is Dr. Susan too.

After art, we went to our tables.
James' pretended to be rude.
Mrs. V. pretended she was Ms. Emerich.
James shouted out.
When we shout out, it is rude.
Some friends were rude to Ms. Emerich.
And they know who they are!
We are going to do better tomorrow!
We promise.

We worked in centers.
We did not go outside.
It is raining.

We had a good day!
Today is not a tutoring day.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 106

Today is one hundred six.
Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
It is a home day.
We have two home days.
We went to the calendar.
We added a blue heart to our pattern.
Today is February 19, 2010.
We have 74 more days of school.
We are adding to Mr. Caterpillar.
We are subtracting from the links, stickers, and moving the arrow down Mr. Caterpillar.
It helps us know how many days we have left until first grade.
Melanie gave us stickers.
We read books before swishy.
We got new pencils.
For saying "We love the bus."
We said thank you to the bus drivers.
We didn't see us on the news.
We are going to look again.
Randy G. brought a puppy, not a dog.
His name is Luis.
He is a puppy, not a dog.

We read a book.
We read about Hush!
We drew pictures of new animals for the book.
They would make a lot of noise.
That would wake the baby up.
The mommy would say "Can't you see my baby's sleeping?"
"_____, ______, don't you cry, can't you see my baby's sleeping?"

We had reading mastery with Ms. Washington and Mrs. V..
We did a better job today in Ms. Washington's group.
She was proud of us.
Ms. Washington's group did a paper test.
Mrs. V.'s group did a reading test.
It was a 11 sounds.
We did good.

Mrs. V. went to a meeting.
We went to lunch.
We had pizza.

We wrote a letter to Johnny.
We are going to mail it to him.
He is five.
He likes mail.
His is Mrs. V.'s friend.
We wrote him what we like.
We drew pictures.

We worked in our Data Notebooks.
We did our words.
We did our letters.
And sounds.

We went to media.
We voted on books.
Then we got to make a wish list at the book fair.
The book fair is in the library.

We packed our book bags.
We went outside!
It was the best day outside!
We played soccer.

We had a good day!
Somebody just bit somebody!
That is not CATS!

Hi to all the friends who said hi to us.
The O'K's, Mrs. Goodneedle, Mrs. P and her class, James' mommy and Jada, Mason and his mommy, Ms. Gilmer, Suzie and The Farr Frogs!
We like when you say "Hi!" to us!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 105

Today is one hundred five.
Today is James' birthday.

This morning we wrote our names on a thank you cards.
We colored a bus.
We cut the bus out.
We put on our jacket.
We went outside.
To see the bus.
It was a school bus.
We decorated the bus.

The news people came.
They took pictures of us.
We are going to be on the news!

We went to the calendar.
We added a green heart.
We have been in school 105 days.
We have 75 more days in school.

We read a book.
We read Hush.
We talked about things that are bigger than us.
We talked about things that are smaller than us.

We had reading group.

We found out, a man in England likes our blog.
His names is Tom.
He lives all the way in England.
He told people to read our blog.
He lives on the pink part of our big map.
England is pink.
America is green.
We are so excited!

We went to lunch.
We had chicken or spaghetti and meatballs.

After lunch, Mrs. V. had to help Mrs. Wilson's class.
She left.
Mrs. Bradley wasn't here.
Mrs. V. helped her.
We worked in centers.
We made patterns.
We colored a picture of Wilma Rudolph.

We went to media.

We started our blog.
Then James' parents came for his birthday.
They brought him a badge.

And a cake to share with us!
And ice cream!
It was good!!

We had a good day!
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. were so proud!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 104

Today is number one hundred four.
We have been in school 104 days.
We have 76 days left.

Today we went to the calendar.
We added a yellow heart.
Tomorrow is James' birthday.

We learned about same and different.
We drew pictures with friends.
We talked about how they were the same.
We talked about how they were different.
Jovany and Randy G. made monsters.
James and Keyli made Spongebobs.

We went to reading group.

For lunch we had chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.
It was good!

After lunch we made a pinwheel.
First we colored.
Second we cut.
Third we put the pieces together.
Fourth we blew wind on it.

When you blow on it, it spins.
Some friends were running.
Their pieces fell apart.
They know who they are.

In math, we learned about patterns.
We made an AB pattern.
Then we colored an AB pattern on paper.
Some friends made an AABC pattern next.

We wrote sentences.
Brian wrote "I see Iker."
Na'Zosheona can't remember what she wrote.
James wrote about Wilma Rudolph.
Ja'Mario wrote "I see David."

Then we wrote patterns.

We went to media.
We learned about the bicycle queen.
We drew pictures of it.

We went to an assembly.
Kindergarten won a green paw.
Mrs. V. got a gold high five.

We had a hard day!
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. want us to do better tomorrow.
They said "Please!"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 103

Today is one hundred three.
We sat down at our tables.
We made patterns at our tables.
We used crayons to color them.

We went to the calendar.
Today was a orange heart.
Tomorrow is yellow.
James' birthday is two more days away.
We have 77 more days of school.
We are counting down.
We have an arrow.
We will be first graders.

We read Hush!
We listened to it on tape.
It is about a baby.
He is a sleep.
But he isn't.
The animals are waking him up.
The mommy said "Hush! Can't you see my baby's sleeping right near by."

We had reading group.
Reading Mastery.
Ms. Washington came for reading group.
Leslie came too.

We have new sentences.
Put me on the ______.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and corn dogs.
It was yummy yummy good!

We made a flag.
So we can check the wind.

Today we had some wind.
Melanie's flag was moving.
James' flag had no wind, then some wind.

We wrote about the wind.

In math we are learning about patterns.
We made AB, ABC, and AABC patterns.
AABC patterns are first grade work.
We worked in math centers.

Mrs. Debbie came to visit us.
She helped us sew our pictures on the fabric.
Of Wilma Rudolph.
She used a sewing machine.
We used black and red to sew our pictures.

We went to media.
We made a sheep.
With cotton sheep.
His name was Wilbert.

We had a good day!
Some friends had a hard time doing the right thing.
They are going to do better tomorrow.
We aren't going to call names.

We did not go outside to play.
We did go outside to look at the wind.
To feel the wind.

Today is a tutoring day.
Daylin, Randy G., Jovany and David too.
David isn't here today.
So not David.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 102

Today is number one hundred two.
Today we went to the calendar.
Before the calendar we worked on patterns.
Brian's birthday was Saturday.
That was two days ago.
We added a straw.
We added a circle to Mr. Caterpillar
We took away a sticker from our board.
We took away a link from our paper chain.
We have 102 circles and straws.
We have 78 stickers and paper links.
We have 78 more days of school.
We are adding and taking away.
Subtracting is taking away.

Our book is Hush!
It is about a baby.
The baby is going to sleep.
His mommy is trying to get the animals to hush.
We drew pictures of how we go to bed.
We told our friends about how we go to bed.

We had reading group.
In Mrs. V.'s reading group, we got a new friend.
Her name is Leslie.
She is in Mrs. Bradley's class.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken or ziti.
It was good.

We learned about wind in science.
We went to look for the flag.
It was raining.
The flag wasn't there.
We wonder where they put it.
How do they get it?
We couldn't see the wind in the flag.
We looked at the trees.
The trees were moving a lot.
That was wind.
We used our senses to figure it out.
We used our sight.
That is our eyes.

In math, we learned about patterns.
We made AB patterns.
We made AAB patterns.
We made ABB patterns.
We made AABC patterns.
We made an AAB pattern with our shirts.

We went to math centers.
Mrs. V. asked some friends questions.
The friends worked with Albert, Mikey, Iggy, Bautista, Kermit.
They worked on ordinals.
First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth.

We went to media.
We got new books.
The book fair is Friday.
We got papers in our book bags about the book fair.

We drew pictures of Wilma Rudolph.
We made it on paper.
Then we put it on fabric.

We are going to make a quilt.
Mr. Kyle's mommy is going to help us sew the quilt.
Her name is Mrs. Debbie.
She will come visit us tomorrow.
We get to help.

We worked in learning centers.
We had fun.
We didn't take our sticks.

We had a good day!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 101

Today was number 101.
Today is Friday.
Tomorrow is Saturday.
Saturday is a home day.
Saturday is Brian's birthday.
He will be six.
Sunday is the next day.
Sunday is Valentine's day.

Today we celebrated the 100th day.
A day late.
We got to wear 100 hats.

We had a rotation.
In Mrs. Parker's room, we learned about $100.
We said what we could buy with $100.

In Ms. Espinoza's room, we estimated 100 things.
We estimated with pennies.

In Mrs. Bradley's room, we made a special treat.
It was a snack with ten sets of ten.
Ten sets of ten is 100.

In Mrs. Crews' room, we got stickers, we read Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th day of Kindergarten. We danced and boogied!

In our room, we measured things that were 100 things long.

We had reading group.
Ms. Washington came.

We had lunch.
We had a special snack at lunch.
David, Ja'Mario and Mrs. F. brought special food to eat with our lunch.

We went to P.E..

We finished our number shape book.

We had a good day!
We had a great week!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 100

Today is........


Today is the 100th day of school!
We went to the calendar.
We added up the days of school.
We had 100 stickers, 100 shapes, 100 straws, 100 tally marks 100 circles on Mr. Caterpillar!

We were sooooooo excited!

Ms. Washington came today for reading group.
Then we went on our very first field trip.
We didn't go to lunch.

We got to ride on the bus.

We went to Mrs. Hanes' Cookie factory.

We learned all about how Mrs. Hanes and her friends make cookies.
We got to eat all six kinds.
We liked the blueberry kind the best.
But it really wasn't blueberry.
It was black walnut.
But Mrs. Crews' friend couldn't have it.
It might hurt his body.
He can't eat nuts.

We rode the bus again.
We got back to school.
We ate lunch in our class.
We had bag lunches.
Not bad lunches.
We thought we were going to have bad lunches.
We didn't.
We had bag lunches.

We went to P.E..
Mr. Grogan was there.
We liked it.
We jumped rope.
It is good for your heart.
Mrs. V. came to pick us up.
We gave Mr. Grogan a Valentine heart candy.
He like it.
He smiled.

We came back to class.
We told each other what we love about each other.
James likes when his friends are CATS.
Jatameyah likes to work in centers with her friends.
Iker likes to play soccer with his friends.
Daylin likes to work with Barbie with her friends.

Then we gave each other our Valentine's.
We did that cause we like each other.
We had a Valentine party.
We had lots of good food.
Mrs. V. took a picture, but there was more.

We had cookies, two cupcakes, cake, juice and more cookies.
It was good!

We had a good day!
We had a busy day!
We all were CATS!
We miss Melanie!
She didn't come to school!
She would have liked the cookies at Mrs. Hanes' Cookie Factory.
She has Valentine's in her bag.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 99

Today was number 99.
We have one more day until 100.
We are totally excited!
Tomorrow will be 100.
Tomorrow is a field trip.
Tomorrow is the Valentine's Party too!
We need to bring Valentines. We can bring candy if we want to.
We can bring snacks if we want to.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!
Only one more day!
We have two more days until we go to other classes to learn.
We are going to learn about the 100th day.
Not tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have a field trip.
Tomorrow we will be at the cookie factory!

Today was a short day.
We got to school.
First we ate lunch.
Second we learned about weather.
Third we went outside to see the weather.

We saw clouds and sun.
That means partly cloudy.
We saw the flag move.
That means it was strong wind.
We didn't see any precipitation.
Precipitation means what comes from the sky.
This is what the weather looks like on our chart.
Partly cloudy, No precipitation, Strong Wind.
We had a special guest.
The fire people came today.
They are from the red cross.
We saw a picture of a fireman.
We heard the sound of the fire alarm.
We need to bring back the paper.
The paper is a pledge.
Our mom and dad need to sign it.
Us too.
We went to Mrs. Parker's room.
We learned about ordinals.
We made a necklace.
We used ordinal numbers to make our necklace.
We went to P.E..
We didn't go outside.
We jump roped.
It is good for your heart.
We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 98

Today is number 98.
Today is Ms. McClure's birthday!
We sang happy birthday to her.

We showed her the video!

We went to the calendar.
We added an orange heart.
It was a nine.
We have two more days until 100.
We have two more days until a field trip.
We are going to the cookie factory.

We went to the floor.
We read the book Three little kittens.
We acted it out.
We made a video!

Ms. Washington came for reading group.

We read our sentences.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and cheeseburgers.
It was good.
The taco salad was good.

We learned about the weather.
We went outside and we used our senses.
We wrote what we saw, felts, heard and smelled.
Brian couldn't go outside.
He didn't have a jacket.
Mrs. V. said he should wear Randy A.'s coat, he said no.

We worked on our math book.

We went to math centers.

We went to P.E..
Mr. Grogan was here today.
James, Brian and Sara got stickers.
We jumped rope.

After P.E., Mrs. George came.
We worked in centers.
Some friends played three little kittens.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 97

Today is number 97.
We learned at the calendar.
We have three more days until 100.
We talked about our days.
We learned about a new pattern.
We have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white hearts.
Today was a red heart.

We talked about Nursery Rhymes.
Nursery Rhymes were to teach kids things.
In the past.
The kids in the past.
It was to help them learn.
We read Three Little Kittens.
They lost their mittens.
Then they found the mittens.
Then they got pie.
They got their mittens dirty.
Then they washed them.
They were good kittens then.
Then they smelled a rat!!

We typed sentences this week.
That is new.
We didn't write them.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza.
Three friends went to the birthday bunch.
Cornella, Brian, James.

We learned about the weather.
We took a walk to look at the flag.
It was not a windy day.

In math we learned about estimation.
We estimated how many cubes would be in the jar.
We guessed 31.
It was passed it.
It was a good guess.
Our big TV turned blue.
Mrs. V. didn't know what to do.
Then it got fixed.

We talked about our favorite shapes.

We made a graph.
Six friends like rhombus.
That is the first grade word for diamond.

Mrs. Sherrie came to read to us.
She brought a friend for us.
It was Dr. Suzie.

Mrs. Sherrie and Dr. Suzie gave us a new book.

We went to P.E..
We had a race.
Randy A. was the fastest.
James was the fastest too. He was like wham.

James taught us a name game.
It is Lion Lion Bird.
We played it three times.

Then we watch a movie about Wilma Rudolph.
We made a picture of her.
We are going to make a book of her life.

Everyone earned CATS!

Jatameyah made a card for her mommy.

We are going to make Valentine's for all our friends!
19 friends.

We had a good day!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 96

Today was the first day back since it SNOWED!!!!
We had five home days!
Cornella's birthday was on a home day.

We came to school late today.
James said, "On news 14 Carolina they said we had to stay home for a little bit."
We read books.
After we read books, we ate lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and bbq.

After lunch, we went to calendar.
We learned about our week.
We counted the days of school.
Four more days until 100.

We wrote down what we know about Wilma Rudolph.
She hurt her leg cause she was sick.
She had polio.
She went to the doctor.
She wasn't supposed to walk.
She learned to walk again.
Then to run.
Then she went to the olypmics.
She won.
Three gold medals.
She was the fastest woman in the world.
She couldn't go to the store with white people.
Like Martin Luther King Jr.

We started making a shape book.
We colored.
We cut.
We glued.
We didn't finish.

We went to music.
We went to the gym.
In the gym, we watched a movie about our hearts being strong.
Then we sang a song in music.

We went to centers.
Cornella lost a tooth!!!!

Two friends have lost teeth at school!!!

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!