Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 97

Today is number 97.
We learned at the calendar.
We have three more days until 100.
We talked about our days.
We learned about a new pattern.
We have red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white hearts.
Today was a red heart.

We talked about Nursery Rhymes.
Nursery Rhymes were to teach kids things.
In the past.
The kids in the past.
It was to help them learn.
We read Three Little Kittens.
They lost their mittens.
Then they found the mittens.
Then they got pie.
They got their mittens dirty.
Then they washed them.
They were good kittens then.
Then they smelled a rat!!

We typed sentences this week.
That is new.
We didn't write them.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza.
Three friends went to the birthday bunch.
Cornella, Brian, James.

We learned about the weather.
We took a walk to look at the flag.
It was not a windy day.

In math we learned about estimation.
We estimated how many cubes would be in the jar.
We guessed 31.
It was passed it.
It was a good guess.
Our big TV turned blue.
Mrs. V. didn't know what to do.
Then it got fixed.

We talked about our favorite shapes.

We made a graph.
Six friends like rhombus.
That is the first grade word for diamond.

Mrs. Sherrie came to read to us.
She brought a friend for us.
It was Dr. Suzie.

Mrs. Sherrie and Dr. Suzie gave us a new book.

We went to P.E..
We had a race.
Randy A. was the fastest.
James was the fastest too. He was like wham.

James taught us a name game.
It is Lion Lion Bird.
We played it three times.

Then we watch a movie about Wilma Rudolph.
We made a picture of her.
We are going to make a book of her life.

Everyone earned CATS!

Jatameyah made a card for her mommy.

We are going to make Valentine's for all our friends!
19 friends.

We had a good day!

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  1. Glad you're back from more snow! What a very busy day you all had learning, reading, writing and doing. I am very proud of you and your teachers!

    Three, two, one! Then you celebrate one hundred days of school for you! The recent weather has postponed its coming.

    Stay safe, warm and well.


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