Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 105

Today is one hundred five.
Today is James' birthday.

This morning we wrote our names on a thank you cards.
We colored a bus.
We cut the bus out.
We put on our jacket.
We went outside.
To see the bus.
It was a school bus.
We decorated the bus.

The news people came.
They took pictures of us.
We are going to be on the news!

We went to the calendar.
We added a green heart.
We have been in school 105 days.
We have 75 more days in school.

We read a book.
We read Hush.
We talked about things that are bigger than us.
We talked about things that are smaller than us.

We had reading group.

We found out, a man in England likes our blog.
His names is Tom.
He lives all the way in England.
He told people to read our blog.
He lives on the pink part of our big map.
England is pink.
America is green.
We are so excited!

We went to lunch.
We had chicken or spaghetti and meatballs.

After lunch, Mrs. V. had to help Mrs. Wilson's class.
She left.
Mrs. Bradley wasn't here.
Mrs. V. helped her.
We worked in centers.
We made patterns.
We colored a picture of Wilma Rudolph.

We went to media.

We started our blog.
Then James' parents came for his birthday.
They brought him a badge.

And a cake to share with us!
And ice cream!
It was good!!

We had a good day!
Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. were so proud!!


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAY! Mrs. V and Mrs. F, I am also proud of your K friends!
    Friends, how do you feel when you do your best?

    Take care of each other....

  2. I just viewed your "Thank You" video! Am I impressed with it and all of those thank you cards for the bus drivers. Doing that was most thoughtful of you.

  3. Hello Class,
    Seems you all had a pretty exciting day!! I'm glad I was able to be a part of the fun. Thank you for having us. Have a great day. Jada says HI! :0)

    Mrs. D. Taylor!

  4. Happy birthday to you, James! I miss having you in my class! Please say hello to all of my kindergarten pals! I miss seeing all of you! I am going to come down and visit you soon!

    Mrs. Phillips

  5. Wow I got a mention - thankyou so much! James Happy Birthday! Your cake looks delicious I hope you saved me some :-) although it might get a bit squishy by the time it gets to me!

  6. Happy 105! It is great to read how much fun you had today in class. I enjoy having birthday cake, although I must wait until July to taste some of my daughter's!
    Nicole, from Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada

  7. Happy Birthday, James! I love your thank you cards and pictures all over the bus, what fun! You have been very, very busy. I know it was fun when the cameras came to film you, congratulations on your news story!

  8. Hello class!! My name is Tiffany Lindell and I am a 6th grade teacher in Mobile, AL. I am also taking a class at the University of South Alabama called EDM310 with Dr. Strange. He actually assigned me to view your blog. I am glad he did. I really enjoyed reading about your day. It sounds like you all had a lot of fun. I know Mrs. Voigt and Mrs. Farrington are very proud of you all. I just wanted to tell you to keep up the good work! My class blog is here!

  9. Hi class, I am Brittany Lewis and I have an EDM class that allows me to preview all kinds of blogs. This was such a creative blog. What an interesting idea to decorate the bus, and it was even on the news! Keep up the good work class.


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