Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 96

Today was the first day back since it SNOWED!!!!
We had five home days!
Cornella's birthday was on a home day.

We came to school late today.
James said, "On news 14 Carolina they said we had to stay home for a little bit."
We read books.
After we read books, we ate lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and bbq.

After lunch, we went to calendar.
We learned about our week.
We counted the days of school.
Four more days until 100.

We wrote down what we know about Wilma Rudolph.
She hurt her leg cause she was sick.
She had polio.
She went to the doctor.
She wasn't supposed to walk.
She learned to walk again.
Then to run.
Then she went to the olypmics.
She won.
Three gold medals.
She was the fastest woman in the world.
She couldn't go to the store with white people.
Like Martin Luther King Jr.

We started making a shape book.
We colored.
We cut.
We glued.
We didn't finish.

We went to music.
We went to the gym.
In the gym, we watched a movie about our hearts being strong.
Then we sang a song in music.

We went to centers.
Cornella lost a tooth!!!!

Two friends have lost teeth at school!!!

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!


  1. Cats are a good thing... meow.

    Welcome back to school, you've been a way far too long. I hope you come to school tomorrow on time!

  2. What a winter, Friends! What have you been doing when you're away from school these days?

    Hope you spent some time outside in this beautiful snow. It will be gone soon.

    Keep warm and safe.

  3. I reread your blog...
    You are having to wait longer to have your one hundredth day!!

    I am impressed with all you have learned about Wilma Rudolph! I learned a lot about her, when I read your blog! Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Hi Friends! Thanks for writing to us on our blog. We like reading your blog. We eat lunch after we read books too. Do you have a rest time in kindergarten? We rest in PreK.


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