Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 98

Today is number 98.
Today is Ms. McClure's birthday!
We sang happy birthday to her.

We showed her the video!

We went to the calendar.
We added an orange heart.
It was a nine.
We have two more days until 100.
We have two more days until a field trip.
We are going to the cookie factory.

We went to the floor.
We read the book Three little kittens.
We acted it out.
We made a video!

Ms. Washington came for reading group.

We read our sentences.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and cheeseburgers.
It was good.
The taco salad was good.

We learned about the weather.
We went outside and we used our senses.
We wrote what we saw, felts, heard and smelled.
Brian couldn't go outside.
He didn't have a jacket.
Mrs. V. said he should wear Randy A.'s coat, he said no.

We worked on our math book.

We went to math centers.

We went to P.E..
Mr. Grogan was here today.
James, Brian and Sara got stickers.
We jumped rope.

After P.E., Mrs. George came.
We worked in centers.
Some friends played three little kittens.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!


  1. Brrr! It's cold and rainy here! Hope you're warm.

    Why did Mrs. V choose to read "The Three Little Kittens" to you?

    One more day.....!

  2. I enjoyed watching your video of "The Three Little Kittens". I'd forgotten they "soiled" them, and later, their mother "smelled a rat!" Why did she say that? I need to find my book and read it again!

    How did you like doing this story as a "play"? You looked like you were enjoying it, too!


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