Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 103

Today is one hundred three.
We sat down at our tables.
We made patterns at our tables.
We used crayons to color them.

We went to the calendar.
Today was a orange heart.
Tomorrow is yellow.
James' birthday is two more days away.
We have 77 more days of school.
We are counting down.
We have an arrow.
We will be first graders.

We read Hush!
We listened to it on tape.
It is about a baby.
He is a sleep.
But he isn't.
The animals are waking him up.
The mommy said "Hush! Can't you see my baby's sleeping right near by."

We had reading group.
Reading Mastery.
Ms. Washington came for reading group.
Leslie came too.

We have new sentences.
Put me on the ______.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and corn dogs.
It was yummy yummy good!

We made a flag.
So we can check the wind.

Today we had some wind.
Melanie's flag was moving.
James' flag had no wind, then some wind.

We wrote about the wind.

In math we are learning about patterns.
We made AB, ABC, and AABC patterns.
AABC patterns are first grade work.
We worked in math centers.

Mrs. Debbie came to visit us.
She helped us sew our pictures on the fabric.
Of Wilma Rudolph.
She used a sewing machine.
We used black and red to sew our pictures.

We went to media.
We made a sheep.
With cotton sheep.
His name was Wilbert.

We had a good day!
Some friends had a hard time doing the right thing.
They are going to do better tomorrow.
We aren't going to call names.

We did not go outside to play.
We did go outside to look at the wind.
To feel the wind.

Today is a tutoring day.
Daylin, Randy G., Jovany and David too.
David isn't here today.
So not David.


  1. Dear friends,

    It sounds like you had lots of fun with Mrs. Debbie today! Did you know that she is my Nana? She told me about all of you and what a great class you are.


  2. Dear friends,

    I have a new picture! I'm turning into a big boy!


  3. Hi Friends! We like to make patterns, too! Sometimes we make patterns with the manipulatives.

  4. Hi, What a nice classroom blog! My name is Sandra Napp. As part of an assignment in my edm310 class at the University of South Alabama I was asked to comment on your blog. What a joy to watch your video on wind. It looks as if you have a wonderful group of Kindergartners and I'm sure they are almost ready for 1st grade!
    I really like the way you summarize your day so that parents and students can go back, refer to it or see what was done on a certain day.


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