Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 107

Today is number one hundred seven.
Today is Monday.
We worked on patterns.
Any pattern we want.

Today we put our Wilma Rudolph project outside.
It is in the hall.
We made a quilt.
We drew pictures of Wilma's Life.
We learned about Wilma.
First, we read books.

Second, we watched this movie.

Third, we drew pictures of her life.

Fourth, we put them in a book.

Fifth, we drew our most favorite thing about Wilma on fabric.

Sixth, Mrs. Debbie came to help us sew our fabric.
She used a sewing machine.

Mrs. Debbie took our fabric home.
She put it together.
Then it was all done.

It is a quilt!
We liked learning about Wilma.
She was fast.
She did her best!

We went to the calendar.
We got new jobs today.
Randy G. got some new shoes.
James got a new coat.
Cornella got a new jacket.
Ja'Mario got a new jacket.
Jatameyah got a tattoo.

We read a story.
It was about a turtle and a bunny.
The turtle did his best.
We like to do our best.
Wilma did her best!
The bunny was fast.
But he went to sleep.
That isn't doing your best.
Achieving is doing your best.
We like to do our best.
The turtle won.
He was slow.
That's ok.
We drew a picture of us doing our best!

We read a story about ducks.
We know a song with that too!

We had reading group.
Mrs. Washington's group got new reading books.
Super cool!
We don't write in them, just point.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers, spaghetti and bbq.
It was a little bit of everything.
It was good.
Tyrone got everything that started with P.
Pizza dippers, pears, potatoes.
And Randy G. and Iker.

We finished our patterns when friends used the bathroom.

We learned aobut thermemoters.
It was 50 degrees outside today.
It was 70 in our class.
We wrote about it.

In math, we talked about numbers.
What is bigger?
What is smaller?
We counted things and wrote numbers.
We went to math centers.

A boy came to get a Wilma Rudolph book.
He is learning about Wilma too.
He looked at our quilt.
He read it.
He read our book too.

We went to art.

Mrs. Sherrie came.
She read us a book.
Then Dr. Suzie read us a book too.
Her name is Dr. Susan too.

After art, we went to our tables.
James' pretended to be rude.
Mrs. V. pretended she was Ms. Emerich.
James shouted out.
When we shout out, it is rude.
Some friends were rude to Ms. Emerich.
And they know who they are!
We are going to do better tomorrow!
We promise.

We worked in centers.
We did not go outside.
It is raining.

We had a good day!
Today is not a tutoring day.


  1. I love the photograph of you with your Wilma Rudolph quilt, it's GREAT! You all look very good sitting in front of the quilt. That picture makes me happy! I would like to come back and visit with each one of you again soon. You have learned a lot about Wilma Rudloph, and so have I! Thank you for writing me such a wonderful thank you message.

  2. Dear friends,

    I LOVE your quilt! Mrs. Debbie and Mrs. Voigt showed it to me on Friday night. I even sat on it and gave it my seal of approval.

    Hope it doesn't rain tomorrow!

  3. Kindergarten Kids,
    Your quilt came out beautifully. I had the privilege of reading this blog post for my class at the University of South Alabama. I didn't know anything about Wilma Rudolph, she has an inspirational story. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow! You guys had a busy, fun day. I wish I could have been there. All of your pictures look wonderful.


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