Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 100

Today is........


Today is the 100th day of school!
We went to the calendar.
We added up the days of school.
We had 100 stickers, 100 shapes, 100 straws, 100 tally marks 100 circles on Mr. Caterpillar!

We were sooooooo excited!

Ms. Washington came today for reading group.
Then we went on our very first field trip.
We didn't go to lunch.

We got to ride on the bus.

We went to Mrs. Hanes' Cookie factory.

We learned all about how Mrs. Hanes and her friends make cookies.
We got to eat all six kinds.
We liked the blueberry kind the best.
But it really wasn't blueberry.
It was black walnut.
But Mrs. Crews' friend couldn't have it.
It might hurt his body.
He can't eat nuts.

We rode the bus again.
We got back to school.
We ate lunch in our class.
We had bag lunches.
Not bad lunches.
We thought we were going to have bad lunches.
We didn't.
We had bag lunches.

We went to P.E..
Mr. Grogan was there.
We liked it.
We jumped rope.
It is good for your heart.
Mrs. V. came to pick us up.
We gave Mr. Grogan a Valentine heart candy.
He like it.
He smiled.

We came back to class.
We told each other what we love about each other.
James likes when his friends are CATS.
Jatameyah likes to work in centers with her friends.
Iker likes to play soccer with his friends.
Daylin likes to work with Barbie with her friends.

Then we gave each other our Valentine's.
We did that cause we like each other.
We had a Valentine party.
We had lots of good food.
Mrs. V. took a picture, but there was more.

We had cookies, two cupcakes, cake, juice and more cookies.
It was good!

We had a good day!
We had a busy day!
We all were CATS!
We miss Melanie!
She didn't come to school!
She would have liked the cookies at Mrs. Hanes' Cookie Factory.
She has Valentine's in her bag.


  1. What a busy and exciting day you had!!!
    What will you do tomorrow?
    I can't imagine there is anything left for you to do!


  2. 100! What a good day for everyone!

    You made many people feel good about themselves by the nice things you did and the nice words you said to them. How did you feel when you did that?

    I am so happy for All of you. Will it be a day to remember?

    Happy Valentines day, everyone!


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