Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 110

Today is number one hundred ten.
We have 70 more days in Kindergarten.
Then we will be in first grade.
We got to school late.
We had a two hour delay.
We went right to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers and macaroni and cheese.
It was good.

We came back to class.
We wen to the floor.
We learned at the calendar.
Some friends went to get their picture taken.
Some friends didn't go.

We learned about George Washington.
He was the first president.
He was the president of America.
Or the United States.
Or the United States of America.
He worked to make America strong.
We watched a movie about him.
We wrote about him.
He is on the dollar.
It is a one.
Melanie brought one dollar today for lunch.

We practiced our duck play.
We had three groups of practice.

The rest of us sat in the duck pond.

We didn't go to reading group.
It was not during school time.

We went to Art.
In Art, we talked about people's papers.
We got all our CATS!
Mrs. V. was SOOOOO happy!
Everyone got a high five in the hallway.

We went outside to make more bird feeders.
We took the old ones down.
Mrs. F. put the new ones in the tree after we were done.

We made a big mess!
Mrs. F. had to bring first grade friends in our class.
They sat really nice.
They were quiet.
They were really smart!
We were going to put corn on the ground, but we will do that another day.
We washed our hands.
Another day we will do the corn again.

We didn't have center time today.

We had a good day!
Some friends got high fives on the chart.


  1. Wow, even though you had a short day, you did a lot!


  2. What a fun filled day you all had! You all were very busy for a short day. I love the bird houses that you all made, they are so cute! I need one to hang in my yard! I also loved your ducks you made for your duck play!! Very neat.

  3. It sounds like you are one busy little class! I love the bird feeders! You guys are all so creative!


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