Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 99

Today was number 99.
We have one more day until 100.
We are totally excited!
Tomorrow will be 100.
Tomorrow is a field trip.
Tomorrow is the Valentine's Party too!
We need to bring Valentines. We can bring candy if we want to.
We can bring snacks if we want to.
Tomorrow is going to be a busy day!
Only one more day!
We have two more days until we go to other classes to learn.
We are going to learn about the 100th day.
Not tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have a field trip.
Tomorrow we will be at the cookie factory!

Today was a short day.
We got to school.
First we ate lunch.
Second we learned about weather.
Third we went outside to see the weather.

We saw clouds and sun.
That means partly cloudy.
We saw the flag move.
That means it was strong wind.
We didn't see any precipitation.
Precipitation means what comes from the sky.
This is what the weather looks like on our chart.
Partly cloudy, No precipitation, Strong Wind.
We had a special guest.
The fire people came today.
They are from the red cross.
We saw a picture of a fireman.
We heard the sound of the fire alarm.
We need to bring back the paper.
The paper is a pledge.
Our mom and dad need to sign it.
Us too.
We went to Mrs. Parker's room.
We learned about ordinals.
We made a necklace.
We used ordinal numbers to make our necklace.
We went to P.E..
We didn't go outside.
We jump roped.
It is good for your heart.
We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!

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  1. Your day was very busy! It was very, very windy here. Our big wind chimes played all night and day!

    Oh, I'd love to go with you to the cookie factory on your 100th day of school!! I hope everyone gets to school so they can go. I want to read all about it!

    Be safe and enjoy!!


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