Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 111

Today is number one hundred eleven.
That is one one one.
Tomorrow is a home day.
First thing some friend finished their work on George Washington.
Some friends read books.
Then we did swishy.
We made our book for the week.
We said "I see two big ____."
We cut our words apart.
We glued them together.
We drew a pictures.

We did our play.
It is called The Five Little Ducks.

We had reading group.

Today was cut and glue day.
We went to lunch.
We had pizza and fish sticks and apple crispy and broccoli with cheese and salad and bread sticks.
It was good.

We made our very own George Washington.
We colored him.
We cut him.
We glued him.
Mrs. V. asked us questions about him.

He was the first president.
Not a present.
He was a father.
The father of the United States.
He made America strong.
He is on the dollar.
He is on the February words.
Keyli found him on Dramatic Play money.

In math, we learned about number lines.
We made a number line that was so big to thirty.
From 0 to 30.
We cut the numbers.
We glued the numbers.

We went to Math centers.

We went to Art.
We earned CATS again!
We watched a movie about colors.
It was about primary colors.
James' brain was working.
Ms. E. said that.

We didn't go outside.
It was too cold.
We went to centers.


  1. Hi Friends!
    After being away today preparing to sub in music for kindergarten through fifth grade students, I was was happy to see your faces and hear your voices in your videos on the Five Little Ducks and George Washington. (Happy birthday, Mr. Washington!)
    I hope "my" students, next week will be as good as you have been!
    Go CATS!!

  2. I LOVE your play, you did so well!! Bravo~

  3. You are all so smart! I really enjoyed watching your play!
    I also loved the George Washington figures you all made! They were all very special and creative! :)
    I'm jealous of your lunch menu. It's better than the lunch at my school!
    I'm from the University of South Alabama's EDM 310 class and I have a blog too! If you want to visit me and leave me a comment, go to:
    Keep up the great work! :)

  4. I really enjoyed this blog post. That play looked like a lot of fun. You all have really nice singing voices. I'm also from the USA EDM 310 class and my blog is


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