Friday, January 29, 2010

Day 95

Today is 95.
Today is Ja'Mario's birthday.
We sang a song to him.
We finished our January Calendar.

Today is Ms. Gordon's last day.
We are going to miss her.
Melanie is sad.
She doesn't want Ms. Gordon to leave.
Ja'Mario had Mrs. Baker in Pre-K.

We made our book.
Our words this week said "He will be a ____."
We highlighted our word be.
That is the word we learned this week.
We cut our sentences apart.
Then put it together.
Then drew a pictures.

Mrs. Washington came for reading group.
She gave treats to the friends who did the right thing!

We went to lunch.
We had pizza or fish sticks.
It was good.
James got a belly ache.
Then he rested his body.

Randy G. got a friend.
He is going to come on Friday.

We are almost to 100.

Briana had bubble gum.
She got it on her leg.

We worked in math centers.

Mrs. V. had a meeting.
A long meeting.

Mr. Potato Head came with Ms. McClure.
He was ready to go swimming.

Mrs. F. read to us about Wilma Rudolph.
She a lady.
She is fast.
She ran.
She was the fastest.
When she was little she couldn't walk.
We are learning about her.
She had polio.

We worked in centers.

Some friends helped Mrs. V. make the new calendar.
For February.
We have three birthdays coming up.
Cornella's will be first.
Brian and James too.
We have a field trip and two assemblies.
And the 100th day!!!!!!

We had a good day.

Tonight it is going to SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had a good week!


  1. It is snowing at my house this morning, and it is pretty. 100 days makes for one very long Mr. Caterpillar! I'm glad you had a good week, you've learned a lot.

  2. Dear friends,

    I have missed hearing about your days. I hope you had a wonderful time playing in the snow.


  3. Hi Friends!

    I'll be eager to read your good news when you return to school. I wonder how your bird feeders will look.

    Do you have much snow left at your school?

    Be warm, be safe.


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