Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 80

Today is number 80.
We have 20 more days until 100th day of school.
We will have a party that day!
We have 100 more days of school!
We went to the calendar.
We learned about the day.
We added a yellow mitten to our calendar.

We read the book Bunny Cakes.
We talked about cause and effect.
James said that cause and effect is like when you are walking.
That is the cause and the effect is when you slip on the banana peel.
We drew pictures of cause and effect.

We went to reading groups.
Mrs. Washington's group learned the h sound.

Before lunch we had a visitor.
He brought a guitar.
He played it.
He sang a song.

He goes to college.
In New York.
He got to college by listening to his teacher.
We want to go to college.
He is going to college to be a song writer.

We went to lunch.
We had pizza and turkey pie.
It was good.
We had milk today.

We learned about zoo animals.
We looked at the animals on the big t.v..
We saw a horse.
We saw a snake.
We wrote about the animals in the zoo.

In math, we made our January calendar.
We started today.
We will finish tomorrow.

We went to P.E..
We worked in centers.

We had a good day!


  1. Wow, you do cool stuff in Kindergarten. We can't wait until we can come and see you! Thanks for reading our blog and writing to us.

  2. Dear Friends,

    It sounds like you had a fantastic day! I did too.



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