Thursday, January 7, 2010

Day 81

Today is 81.
Today we went to the calendar.
We added a blue mitten to our calendar.
We learned our letters and words.
On Starfall we started learning how to do sign language for the alphabet.

We think it is pretty neat.

We didn't go to reading group.
We went to listen to the music.

We each got to play them too!

It was cool.
We want to do that every day.

We went to lunch.
We had corndogs and ziti.
It was good.

We learned about seasons.
It is winter.
It is cold in the winter.

We went to P.E..

We didn't go outside.
We don't have recess on P.E. weeks.

We learned a new game.
We didn't have time to play it.
We will tomorrow!

We had a good day!


  1. Dear friends,

    It sounds like you did lots of fun things yesterday! I hope that today was just as much fun.

    Have a wonderful weekend. Give Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. a hug before you leave.


  2. WOW!!!!! What an incredibly awesome day, Friends. I know you were excited by all you did on Thursday. I certainly was, just sitting here, watching and reading about everything you did:

    >singing AND signing your ABC's (that's cool to know AND do!)

    >then hearing and watching up soooooooo close the talented string quartet (playing one of my favorite Leroy Anderson pieces!)!

    >THEN having the chance to play those incredible string instruments all by yourselves! Pictures of you in your teacher's created video were wonderful to see.

    Thank you for sharing your day with me. Make each day wonderful as you learn and grow.

    Remember "who" you are.....


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