Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 93

Today is number 93.
We have 7 more days until 100.
Today we learned at the calendar.
We learned about the day.
We added a blue mitten to our pattern.
The date is 1-27-10.
January 27, 2010
We listened to the Calendar Polka song on the radio.
(And we sang it over and over)

We guessed what our book was going to be about.
It is in Spanish.
It is called Fiesta!
We liked the book.

We did exercises with a new friend.

His name is Freddie!
You can do it too!

We went to lunch.
We had breakfast for lunch.

We wrote about the weather.

We learned about punctuation.
" "

We took a walk to look at the projects.
The science projects.
James liked the one with perfume.
Na'Zosheona liked the band aid one.
Mrs. F. liked the swinging penny one.
Randy G. liked the soda one.
Cornella liked the bubble gum one.
Luis liked the balloon one.
Iker liked the perfume one.
Briana liked the penny that goes up and down one.

We went to the computer lab.

We were supposed to have a fire prevention assembly.
They didn't come.
We learned about fire prevention with Franklin.
We learned you need a smoke alarm.
It is loud.
Mrs. Parker's class came to our class.
They were going to learn about the fire.
The fire people will come in February.

We did not work in centers today.
We ran out of time.

We went outside.

We are going to go on a field trip.
We have to bring money.
We are going to the cookie factory.

We had guidance.
We read about Franklin.
He told a fib.
That isn't trustworthy.

Everyone didn't earn Caring.
Everyone earned Achieving, Trustworthy, Safe.

We had a good day!


  1. Did you enjoy doing your science project? You and your teachers are really smart to do one. What did you learn from the science projects you saw at your school? Thanks for sharing about all of those. I am impressed!

    A field trip! I like field trips.
    Where will it be?
    When are you going?
    Why are you going? Enjoy it, Friends.

  2. Oh, I just watched Freddie! That was fun! I need to do that a couple of times everyday. Thanks for sharing that with us.


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