Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 94

Today is number 94.
We have six more days until 100.
Today we put a white snow man in our calendar.
Our pattern is almost done.
The month is almost done.

We read Fiesta!
We drew pictures of one and more than one.
There was one basket.
There was one pinata.
There was more than one airplane.
There was more than one horn.
There was more than one ring.
There was more than one piece of gum.
There was more than one piece of candy.

We talked about punctuation again.

Mrs. Washington came for reading group.

We went to lunch.
We had macaroni and cheese or cheeseburgers.
That is cheese on both.
It was good.

We went to the library.
We got new books.
We brought them back to class.

We learned about the present.
The present is today.
We learned about the past.
The past is a long long time ago.

In math we learned about shapes.
We talked about length, width, height, size, color, texture.
We work in math centers.

We had guidance.
Ms. McClure told us about Trustworthy.
We made necklaces.

We went to centers.

We went outside.
It was warm.
It is supposed to snow tomorrow.
We might get to leave early.

We said Happy Birthday to someone.

He is on a boat.
Today is his birthday!

We had a good day!

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wish for Alex. He is very far away and often does not have access to the internet but I know he will really enjoy your birthday wish when he gets it! Enjoy the snow!


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