Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 87

Today we were so busy, that Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. had to write our blog.

Today our friends worked very hard in school. First thing this morning, they wrote sentences and questions. During group they sang their favorite song four times. They sure do love the calendar polka song. We added a blue mitten to our calendar pattern. Our friends made a prediction about what tomorrow's calendar piece will be. They are guessing snowman.

Then, we all added another shape, straw, tally mark and sticker, and then figured out how many days we had been in school. Today was the eighty-seventh day of school. We have 87 shapes, 87 straws, 87 tally marks, and 87 stickers. Mr. Caterpillar has 87 circles!

After morning group, we read the book Flower Garden one more time. Today we compared the book Flower Garden to the book Bunny Cakes. We said the books both had birthdays and cakes and girls. Then we noticed that both books both have dirt. In Bunny Cakes the dirt is in a cake. In Flower Garden, the dirt is in the window box.

Then we had reading groups. All of our friends made good choices in their groups. That made us proud.

We went to lunch. Today for lunch, our friends had pizza and chicken. They are also trying to eat a vegetable and a fruit every day. If they each eat a vegetable and a fruit for lunch, we get to put a sticker on the chart. We are trying to get a sticker every day for ten weeks!

Our friends learned more about Martin Luther King Jr. today. They made a book about Martin. They listened to a story about his big words and they got to see a video about his speech with his big words. We don't have school Monday, because we are going to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. and all the work he did!

Our friends finished making their number books in Math. Today they did the pages for numbers seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty.

Today we had a fire drill, and we got to go outside for recess. Mrs. White gave our class some really neat stencils for outside.

We all had a really great day! All our friends earned CATS!


  1. I have never seen chalk stencils like that for OUTSIDE, very cool! I like the way they snap together. Mr. Caterpillar is getting very L-O-N-G!

  2. Wow! You really had a busy day!
    I like learning about what you are learning about. How long is Mr. Caterpillar? Can you take a picture of how long he is?



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