Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 86

Today is number 86.
We went to the calendar.
We added a yellow mitten.
We are closer to 100 days of school.
Tomorrow we have school.

We made a number book in math.

We sang our new favorite song.
The Calendar Polka.
January, February, March
April, May, June
July, August, September,
October, November, December
That's the tune.
We made a video.

We sing that song....ALL DAY LONG!

We read Flower Garden again.
We drew pictures of things we do with our families.
They are called traditions.

Some friends were disrespectful to Mrs. Washington.
They didn't earn CATS.

We went to media.
All our friends made good choices in media.

We watched a movie about Martin Luther King Jr.

We took books to a box.
The box is going to Africa.
The kids don't have books.
We took some of our books to give to them.

We went outside to the front lawn.

We went to lunch.
We had hot dogs and pizza dippers.
It was good.

We are working to make good choices.
It is hard some times.


  1. You are kind to send books to other "friends" without them in Africa. How would you feel to not have any books?

    Your new song, "Calendar Polka" is a neat way to remember the months of the year. I enjoyed watching your faces when you sang.

    How good to hear you got to go outside. This has been a nice week.

    Take care of each other. Go CATS!

  2. Well done, I love your song! You love it too, I can tell. Just so you all know, I do love to watch the snow fall... it is so pretty. I don't like the way snow makes it hard to drive and get around, though. Sometimes the roads get icy and it is dangerous. But I do love to watch the snow fall, there is something magical about it!


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