Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 84

Today is 84.
Today is in 2010.
We sang days of the week.
Today we added a snowman to our calendar.

This morning it snowed outside.
It was pretty.
Then it stopped.
James came to school to tell us it was snowing.
Briana already knew.
During group, Mrs. V. told us about her friend.
She is sick.
But getting better.
She is a baby.
We want her to come to school with us.
We want her to play with Barbies.
Mrs. V. said she had a blog.
We have a blog too.
We took a picture for her blog.

We read a new book.
But not the words.
We looked at pictures.
We made predictions.
We made predictions about Knuffle Bunny.
We guessed what would happen in the story.
The little girl lost her bunny.
We drew pictures of what happened next.
We guessed right!

We went to reading group.
We learned the u sounds.

We read our sentences.
My flower is _____.
We put in colors.

We went to lunch.
We had taco salad and cheeseburgers.
It was good.

We learned about numbers in math.
We worked on our number book.
We put stickers on it.

We learned about pets in science.
We wrote about what we do with pets.
We like to play with our pets.

In media, we learned about book awards.

We took a walk outside.

We worked in centers.
Math centers.
Learning centers.
We had fun.

We had a good day!
Everyone earned CATS!


  1. I love your blog! Thank you for blogging about Sydney Grace and sending her a picture!

  2. Dear friends,

    It was so kind of you to send a picture to Sydney Grace! I know that made her and her mommy very happy.

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Group time sounds like a nice time to have each day. We all have lots happening in our lives and to have a chance to talk about them makes us feel better. You're kind to share your picture with Mrs. V's friend.

    Have another wonderful day...

  4. You are all sweet to send your photo to Sydney Grace, you are a blessing to her and her family! I don't know about you but I'm glad that the snow stopped!


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