Friday, January 8, 2010

Day 82

Today was number 82.
We are closer to 100.

We came to school late.
We went right to lunch.
Danica, Shamara, Briana and Mrs. F. didn't come to school.
Gage moved to a new school.
We miss him.
Mr. Smith was here for Mrs. F..
We were good for Mr. Smith.
Mrs. V. had a meeting.
James thinks it was a long meeting.
At lunch we had taco salad and chicken sandwich.
It was good.

We finished our calendar.
We read about Martin Luther King Jr..
We learned he was little.
Then he became a preacher like James' daddy.
And like his daddy.
And Mrs. V.'s daddy.
And James' daddy's daddy.

We went to P.E..

We played our swat the bug game.

We worked in centers.

We had a good day!
We had a great week!
We all earned CATS!


  1. Guess what? Ms Connie went to UNCG with Mrs. V! Her whole name is Connie Beaton. She even student taught with the same teacher that Mrs. V did! How about that?

  2. Dear friends,

    It sounds like you had a great short day of school. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, I went to a birthday party!



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