Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 90

Today was number 90.
We have 9 bundles.
We have 90 stickers.
Mr. Caterpillar is 90 days old.
We have 90 tally marks.
We are almost to 100.
We had 10 more days until 100.
We are going to have a party on 100.
We have 90 more days of Kindergarten.
Then we go to first grade.

We learned at the calendar.
We went to reading groups.
We went to work in centers.

Mrs. V. did a lot of asking friends questions today.

Some friends made bad choices.
They were wrestling.
Mrs. V. said this is not where John Cena lives.
(He is a wrestler.)

We went to lunch.
We had chicken and spaghetti.
We got to tell them what we wanted.
We earned a sticker for eating fruits and vegetables.

Mrs. F. had to go to another class.
She has been in testing.
For big kids.

We watched a video that Mr. Ray's class made.
It is about Haiti.
Something bad happened there.

We are going to bring money.
We are going to send it to them.
Do you want to help us be CATS?

We had a good day!
We are going to do even better tomorrow!


  1. 90 days of Kindergarten. 90 days before becoming first graders. That's exciting for you! Mr. Caterpillar has grown so much--thanks to you!

    Can we help you with doing something for Haiti?

    How can "we" help you be CATS?
    Enjoy Friday.

  2. We like your words.
    We like your nice manners.
    We like you.
    Today is day 99 for us. Monday will be day 100. We are having a party and special snack. We can't wait.
    We want to help you be CATS but we don't know how. How do we help you? What are CATS?
    We LOVE you!
    Talk to you next week!


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