Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 13

Today we learned about September 11.
We learned some mean people used a plane to hurt a lot of people.
The mean people made a lot of people sad in their hearts.
A lot of good people helped the people who got hurt and the people who were sad.
We don't have to be scared of the mean people.
They got hurt. They died.

We had a picnic today.

Some of our families came to eat.

We got to eat outside.
It was sunny.
It was nice.
We liked seeing our moms.
And our dads.
And some of our babies.

They came inside.
We showed them our class.
They watched our play.
They watched our play two times.
We taped it.

We made a new book.
The name is What do you see?
We wrote the words.
We drew the pictures.
We are the authors.
We are the illustrators.

We had a great day!


  1. I like looking at your pictures. You did such a good job with your play!

  2. We really liked your play! Our teacher needs a lot of help on this website. She needs to learn how to put up a video, how to put links on the side, and how to change our account picture. Please help Mrs. F!

  3. What a nice Friday you had at school: eating outside with your friends and family; performing your play for us to see, too, and writing your own book! Just awesome!
    How quickly Monday comes! Enjoy every moment!


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