Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 5

Today we talked about colors.
We told our friends our favorite colors.
We made a graph

Then we wrote sentences about our favorite colors.

Then we read a book about colors.
There was a cat in the book.
The book's name is Cat's Colors.
We drew pictures with Cat's favorite colors.

Cat's favorite color is orange.

We had our first special.
We went to the media center.
We read books.
We checked out books.

We worked in centers.
We were sharing and caring.

Today was Jatameyah's birthday.
She turned five today.
Now all the friends in our class are five years old.

We had a great day!


  1. My favorite color is red, just like FIVE others in your class. I love to check out books! FIVE is a good age to be! Have fun tomorrow everyone!

  2. Dear friends,

    My favorite color is red too! Hope Jatameyah had a very happy birthday!



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