Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 49

Today is forty-nine.
It is the last forty.
We went to the calendar.

We drew pictures.
We drew pictures of mammals.
We are mammals.
Today we wrote...
"I am an animal. I am a mammal."
That is what it said.

We drew pictures animals getting ready for winter.
Some animals hibernate.
That means they go to sleep.
Boy bears don't hibernate.

In math we made ordinal number lines.
We wrote First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth.

We went outside.
Three friends fell down while they were playing soccer.
Luis, Jovany, James, Tyrone.
Wait, that is four.
And Ja'Mario.
That makes five.
Cornella saw here sister.
Mrs. V. knows her sister.
We saw big Breana.
She was outside.

We had a good day!

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  1. I hope your five friends who fell down are OK. I look forward to reading about your day tomorrow!


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