Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 50

Today is fifty.
That is five zero.

Eleven friends got to go outside.
It was...
Randy A.
Randy G.
They all made good choices all day.
They got a special treat today.
A park day!

Seven friends didn't go outside.
They didn't make good choices with Ms. Washington.

Tomorrow we are all going to do better.

We saw Randy A.'s sister.
He got to play with her outside.

We went to the calendar.
We learned about the day.
We learned what was for lunch.
Hot dogs and pizza dippers.
We went to lunch.

We are learning about leaders.
A leader is a principal.
A bodyguard.
A cheerleader.
A soccer player.
We want to be leaders.
Ms. Gilmer is our leader.
She is the principal.
We made a list of what a Principal's job is
We think Ms. Gilmer's job is ....
-to play basketball.
-to look in our eyes to see if we are good or bad and tell if we get a present.
-to see if we are caring, achieving, trustworthy and safe.
-to get us to the right room.
-to make sure we don't talk back to Ms. Washington during reading group.
-to teach us to be a leader.
-to eat lunch.
-to teach the boys to play soccer right.
-to teach us to be good and not be a baby.
-to teach us to walk on the bus and not jump off when it is going.
-to make sure we don't talk back.
-to give out hugs.
Mrs. V. gave Ms. Gilmer our list.
She said she likes our ideas.

We want to be leaders.
We learned that basketball players are leaders.
And cheerleaders.
Football players and college students are leaders.
They didn't talk back to their mom or their teacher.
Leaders don't talk back.

James' daddy is a leader.
He won the election.
He got a lot of votes.
He earned votes by being caring, achieving, trustworthy and safe.
That is how you are a leader.

We had a good day!
Tomorrow we will have a great day!

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  1. I like your list about your principal


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