Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 64

Today was number 64.
We went to the calendar.
Brian checked the weather.
It was cold.
It was windy.

We sang a song.
We sang If you're happy and you know it....
Clap your Hands...
Stomp Your feet...
Turn around..
Nod your head...
We like that song.

We drew pictures of Hh sounds.
We traced our hands.
Then drew pictures of Hh sounds in our hands.
We were holding Hh sounds.

We read Maxi, The Hero.
The man stole a lady's purse.
The dog caught the man.
The dog was a hero.

Mrs. Washington came for reading.

We had a visitor.
Her name was Miss Williams.
She was nice.

We went to our tables.
We read books.

We read sentences.
Our sentences say "My dog is in the _____."
We said where our dog is.

Jatameyah, David and Jovany's friend came to visit.
Jatameya made a train.
David looked for letters.

We talked about animals and what they use to eat.
Some animals use hands, beaks, trunks, feet, or claws to eat.
Elephants use trunks.
Monkeys sometimes use their feet.

We went to lunch.
We had cheeseburgers.
It was good.

We had a good day!


  1. Yum, cheeseburgers! :)

    My dog is in his bed right now.

    Hands, heart and head all start with Hh, they are with you all the time!

  2. Dear friends,

    What do you use to eat?



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