Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 73

Today was #73.
Today we started school late.
We had a delay.
When we got to school, we had breakfast.
It was 9:45.
Then, we had lunch.
It was 10:25.
That was weird.

We learned about arctic animals.
We are making a KWL chart about arctic animals.

Santa lives in the north pole.
Penguins live in the south pole.
We wrote about penguins.

We learned about the week.
We get to wear our pajamas on Thursday.
Mrs. V. said she is going to wear her pajamas.
We are going to learn about The Polar Express.
We are going to go to different classes to learn.
We get to have a holiday party this week.
This is our last week before we are out for Christmas.

We went to watch the big kids do the Nutcracker.
We waited in our seats.

The big kids did a good job.

We are going to tell our mom and dad to come watch tomorrow night.
Tomorrow is Tuesday.
Today is Monday.

We had a fire drill.
It was at the end of the day.
The alarm went on and on.
For a long time.

We had a good day!


  1. Did you like the [Nutcracker]show? We looked at the pictures; they look sparkly! We want to watch that show when we are in kindergarten. Mrs. Phillips says we can go and visit kindergarten one day. Can we visit you?

  2. Hello Friends!

    You are doing some of my most favorite things! I would like to live nearer so I could enjoy all of these with you!

    How do you like the KWL charts? You taught me about them; I like them!

    OOOOOOOOO, The Polar Express....Enjoy!

    Hope you've had another great day! Go CATS!


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