Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 68

Today is Monday.
It is December 7, 2009.

Mrs. Sherri came to read to us.

She read us a book about the Library.
She gave us directions to the library.
We can get what book we want.
David would get a book about Spider man.
Gage would get a book about spiders.
Brian would get a book about Batman.
Briana would get a book about Cinderella.
Na'Zosheon would get a book about cats.
Daylin would get a book about princesses.

Mrs. Sherrie also brought us holiday treats.
She gave us goldfish and Christmas cakes.
We had to count our goldfish.
Iker had 63 goldfish.
We had fun.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken and BBQ.
It was good.
We had corn.
Some friends got snacks.

We read a book about doing the wash.
The lady was doing her laundry.
She washed more than clothes.
She washed a dog and the turkey she was cooking.
She washed and hung up the mail and the news paper.
It was silly.
We heard rhyming words in the book.
It is Mrs. McNosh Hangs Up her Wash.

We made patterns with cubes.
We worked with partners.

We talked about animals coverings.
Some animals have hair.
Some animals have skin.
Some animals have fur.
Some animals have feathers.
They have them to protect them.
And keep them warm.
We wrote about bears. Bears have fur to keep them warm.
Bears don't have blankets or covers.

We went outside to play.

We had a great day!


  1. Yay, you went outside Monday! (I saw the glow of the sunshine in the picture with the two friends working with the cubes. )

    How nice of Mrs. Sherri to introduce you to the Library. It will be fun to choose your books.

    So did you enjoy reading about Mrs. McNosh and her wash? My back door neighbor hangs her laundry outside on her clothes line!

    Brrrrrrrrrr! Today I needed more covering like the animals you talked about. Stay warm and have another great day!

  2. Dear friends,

    It sounds like you had fun learning about the library. I love books! Mommy and Daddy read me lots of books. Every once in a while Mrs. V. reads me a book too!

    I hope you had a terrific Tuesday.


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