Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 75

Today was number 75.
We went to the calendar.

We went outside.
We had a race.

We had The Polar Express rotation.
We went on a train.
We colored a train.
We got a ticket.
We got to hear sounds.
We heard bells.
We made a train with blocks.
We wrote about what we see at the North Pole.
We get to wear our pajamas tomorrow.
We are going to watch the movie tomorrow.

We went to lunch.

Mrs. F. and Mrs. V. moved some of our tables.
Some friends got new seats.

We tried to earn all our CATS today.
We did it.

Tomorrow we will bring snacks to share with our friends.

Mrs. V. got the hick ups.

We drew pictures of what we would want new friends to know about us.
Miss Alice met Sara.
They were new friends.

We finished our KWL chart.

We learned a lot about arctic animals.

Two friends were not here.

We learned about ordinals again.
Those are the numbers that help us know the order.
Ordinals are for order.

We had a good day!

1 comment:

  1. You are the smartest Kindergartners I know today!
    I liked your KWL charts.

    I'm curious. What is Polar Express rotation?

    Have fun on pajama day and enjoy the movie!


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