Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 28

Today is Day 28.
It is October 2, 2009.
We did swishy.

We went to the calendar.
We leaned about the day.
We wrote the date.
The short date is 10-2-09.

We read a book about cakes.
It was Max and Ruby.
The book was Bunny Cakes.
Max made a cake.
It was dirt.
Max learned that his pictures can tell a story.
We make pictures to tell stories.
We do writing every day.

We drew pictures for our new book.
Our book is called We go up.
We wrote the words.
We drew the pictures.

We had a visitor.

Mrs. Ferguson's first grade came to read to us.
They did good.

They read to us.
By ourselves.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We had fun with them.

We made fruit salad.
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It was yummy.
We had fruit at lunch too.
It was good.

Ms. Emerich came to visit James.
She is the art teacher.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She gave him a ribbon.
He got a certificate.
His art work is at the Dixie Classic Fair.
He painted a pumpkin.

We worked in centers.
We cleaned up.
Some friend made a bad choice.
She broke a puzzle.
She was honest.
She told us sorry.

We worked with pattern blocks.
We did puzzles.

We went to P.E..
We played with cups.
We built towers.
We stacked 50 cups.
It was cool.

We had a good rest.

We had a good day.
We had a great week!


  1. Dear Friends,

    I enjoyed reading about your day at school on Friday; what full day! How exciting that YOU drew pictures for the book you're writing! It's good to know you're making neat older school friends to have fun reading with you!

    Oh boy, fruit salad! Yum! Then, back to work!

    Congratulations, James!

    Hope you all enjoyed this past weekend. It was gorgeous to be outside!

    Enjoy today! Take care of each other.

  2. You guys had a busy day!
    Is every day busy in Kindergarten?



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