Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 31

Today we drew pictures.
We drew pictures of people, places, and things.
We made a book.
We showed our book to our friends.

We read the book.

We went outside to play.
To run.
We went running.
The boys and girls were against each other.
We saw a snake.
Mrs. F. didn't see it.

We went to lunch.
We had spaghetti or chicken.
We had oranges.

We went to Media.
It is the Library.
We got stickers.

We went to the computer lab.
We will go every Wednesday.

In math, we had partners.
We told them what to do.
We told them to put the dinosaur in the cup.
Or jump over the cup.
Or go around the cup.

We had a visitor.
It was Mrs. V.'s mommy.
She brought us a pumpkin.
She came to school.
She walked in the hall.

We wrote about Albert and Mikey.
We wrote how they were the same.
We wrote about how they are different.

We had a good day!
Everyone was CATS today!


  1. Friends,

    I enjoyed being with all of you today at school! I got to hear your voices, see you at lunch and in your classroom, learning in circle time and centers, and just being friends together! Thank you for letting me go to computer lab to learn with you.

    I'm happy to meet you. I do like both Mrs. V and Mrs. F! I hope to visit you again!

    Mrs. V's Mommy

  2. I like dinosaurs.
    Do you?


  3. Dear friends,

    It sounds like you had a very busy day. I'm sure you enjoyed meeting Mrs. V's mommy. She is very nice! Hope you have a terrific Thursday.



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