Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 40

Today we got a new friend.
Her name is Danica.

Danica likes barbies.
Her favorite colors are pink and red.
Danica pizza and rice to eat.
Danica likes to play outside.
She is super nice.
We like her

Mr. Caterpillar turned the corner!

He is 40 days old today.

We worked at the calendar.
We saw a pattern on the calendar.

We worked in centers.

We went outside.
We went to the park.

We had guidance.
We read about Clifford.
Clifford has good manners.
Clifford shares his toys.

We went to lunch.
We had chicken nuggets.

We were all super caring.
We drew a picture for Isiah.
That is Gage's brother.
Gage wasn't here.
We missed him.

We told Mrs. V. things we know about math.

We had new centers.
We have Mr. Potato Heads!
That is cool.

It did not rain today.
It was nice.

We read No, No, Titus!
The Berestain Bears and the Truth.

We made puppets for No, No, Titus!

We practiced for our writing test.
We did good.

We had a good day!


  1. Welcome, sunshine and welcome, Danica!! I know Mrs. V and Mrs. F AND all the new friends in our class have welcomed you. They will take good care of you.

    Enjoy everyday learning with them and your new teachers!!

    What a nice pattern on your calendar.
    Take care.

  2. Dear friends,

    Danica is such a cutie! I am sure that Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. are happy that she is in your class.

    Mr. Caterpillar is getting very long! I wonder if he will turn any more corners?

    I think that Wednesday is going to be another pretty day. Have fun playing outside.


  3. Nothing nearly as exciting as a great day in kindergarten!!


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