Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 46

Today is forty-six.
Today is Wednesday.
We don't have school tomorrow.
We don't have school the next day.
We have four home days.
One of the home days is Halloween.

We wrote our book about what we will be for Halloween.
It is called What will you be for Halloween.
We wrote our sentences.
We drew our pictures.

Tomorrow is Daylin's birthday.
She will be six.
She is the only one in our class who is going to be six.

She is excited about her birthday.
She is going to have a party.
One day we are all going to be six.

We have not been outside, yet.
Wr wrote early today.
Mrs. V. has to go to the doctor.
She is leaving.
Mrs. F. is going to teach us while she is gone.

After lunch we are going to learn in other classes.
Mrs. V. called it a Rotation.
We are going to learn in Ms. Raimer's class about leaves.
We are going to learn about fall in Ms. Espinoza's class.
We are going to learn about pumpkins in Mrs. Bradley's class.
We are going to learn about the Day of the dead in Mrs. Crews' class.
Mrs. F. is going to teach us about Halloween.

After that, we go to music.
Then outside.
Then a PARTY!!
Then go home!

We had a good morning.
We are going to have a good day!

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  1. What a nice long time for you to be home. Your first day home, Thursday was so nice. I hope you all could be outside and enjoy its beauty.

    How good that Mrs. F could teach you, while Mrs. V was away. Wednesday had a lot of neat places to go and things for you to do.

    I like the newest picture Mrs. V posted on your blog page with your clever owls and corn! You've grown and look like a happy bunch of friends!

    Take care!


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