Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Day 36

We read library books.
Then we went to the calendar.
Today is Wednesday.
It is number 36.
We counted.
Mr. Caterpillar is 36 today.

We did not go outside.
It is raining.

We didn't have time to work in centers.

We went to Art.
We went to the computer lab.
We went to Lunch.
We had chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese.
We had milk.

We counted bundles of ten.

We took a nap.

Some new friends came.
They gave us a pencil flag.

It is so we can't be bullies.
It tells us to be friends.
Bullies are bad.
A bully might push.
That is not good.
The flag tells us to be not a bully.
No fighting.

We read a book about pumpkins.
We wrote about it.
We wrote about the seeds in the pumpkin.

We read a book about leaves.
And fall.
It is called Fall Leaves Fall.
Mrs. E. (the art teacher) read that to us too.

In art we painted.
We made a butterfly out of leaves.
Mr. Caterpillar is going to a butterfly.
One day.

Three friends had to leave.
Jatameyah, Brian and Gage.
Sara and Shamara were not here.
They are all sick.
We don't want them to be sick at school.
They need to rest a little.
Their bodies are icky.

We read our sentence.
We used a rose pointer.

We learned two sounds.
We are learning sounds to read.

James knows all his Kindergarten words.

We had a good day!


  1. Wow, what a busy day you had at school today! You had lots and lots to do and had fun learning at the same time. I hope everyone in your classroom gets well soon so that you can all learn together. Mr. Caterpillar is getting very long.

  2. Dear friends,

    You had a very exciting day. It's too bad that all of your friends weren't at school. But, it is not good to come to school when you are sick. You wouldn't want to share your germs!

    Hope you have a terrific Thursday!



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