Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 32

Today is 32.
32 is a big number.
We learned about the day.

We did a puzzle.
An ABC puzzle.
On the big tv.

We went to centers.
We worked hard in centers.
Melanie and Briana read to Friends.

Albert likes to be read to!
So do the other friends.

We made a book.
A book about cars.
A book about scooters.
It was about transportation.
We read the book.
Then we wrote about the book.

Today was the first day we used paper with lines.
We like the lines.

Today we went to lunch.
We had pizza dippers.
And hot dogs.
And milk.
And french fries.
And ketchup.
It was good.

We had Media.
We didn't go to Media.
Mrs. B came to our class.
She read us books.
We measured pumpkins.
We wrote the number.

We read lots of books today.
We read Mice Squeak, We Speak.
We read From Head to Toe.
We wrote down the animals in both books.
There are lots of animals.

We went outside to play.
Gage got on the monkey bars.
On the top.
And Melanie.
And James.
James couldn't do it.
Then he tried really hard.
He got up.

In Math we worked with Dinosaurs.
We made them move.

We learned about Christopher Columbus.
We learned about holidays.
Holidays are days to celebrate.
Christopher Columbus used a ship.
It was transportation.

We had a good day!


  1. Thirty two IS a big number. I can't imagine what a pizza dipper is, could you explain that to me? It sounds like it might just be delicious.

    And, how, exactly do you measure a pumpkin? Do you use a ruler and measure it that way or do you weigh it on a scale? I've seen all sizes of pumpkins for sale in the pumpkin patches around town.

  2. Dear friends,

    32 is a very big number. Ask my Daddy, he knows all about the number 32, that is his age!

    Your ABC puzzle looks very interesting. I would love to hear more about the puzzle.

    Hope you have a fantastic Friday. Give Mrs. V. and Mrs. F. a hug from me!


  3. I like holidays!
    They are fun!
    What is the next holiday you will celebrate?


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