Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 33

Today is 33.
33 is two 3.
33 is 3 bundles and 3 ones.
33 is 3 rows of 10 and 3 more ones.
It is big.

We didn't go outside.
It rained.
We rested.
We had a good rest.

We went to the library.
We read a scary book.
We got a scary sticker.
They are Halloween stickers.

We made a new book.
It has the word to.
We learned the word to.
The book is about going to somewhere.

We talked about From Head to Toe and Mice Squeak, We Speak.
We wrote down all the animals.
We made a circle diagram.

Mrs. V. called it a Venn Diagram.
We called it The animals in both books!

Every body was CATS all day!
We all got a high five in the chart.

Shamara wasn't here.
Luis and Tyrone too.
Junior too.
He moved to Mexico.
He is not in our class.
He isn't going to come back.
We read books.

Jovany's daddy went to Mexico.

We made a ship for Christopher Columbus.
We helped him move his ship.
We named our own ship.
We pretended to go on the trip.
He went in 1492.
That wasn't this year.
This year is 2009.

We wrote words about going to the fair.

Mrs. V. had a meeting.
We missed her while she wasn't in class.
She said she missed us.

We had a good day!
We had a good week!


  1. Dear friends,

    The number 33 is very big! My mommy knows all about this number, that is her age!

    I'm sure you enjoyed writing about the fair. The fair will soon start in the city where I live. I live in Raleigh.

    Have a great day!

  2. Hello Friends!

    Oooo, neat you've learned about the venn diagram with your books! That's pretty cool to see the differences and words that are the same in both books.

    So, you're counting your days in school with the bundles. I'd like that. Does it help you remember or count better?

    You've been writing so many new books! You do ALOT of neat things EVERY day! Wow!

    Enjoy a good week! Take care of each other.

  3. I like your Venn Diagram! I think it is neat that you made a ship for Christopher Columbus and got scary stickers!


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